Vince McMahon accused of Sex Trafficking / Resignation 🧵

Uhhh… Things are going to go down. Nobody survives this who had power pre-TKO.

Paul Lesveque, Nick Khan, and Stephanie would have likely been aware of most of this. Especially with the sham “investigation” where it is now revealed that the victim was never spoken to.

Story without paywall:

Court case:

This is a horrifying story. Everybody in power knew what was going on…


Sadly, I can’t say I’m surprised. They’re all pieces of shit.

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Wow. This isn’t just bad, this is diabolical. With this now out in the open, I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear more news later today.

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In March 2020, McMahon began sharing sexually explicit photographs and videos of Grant with other men, including other WWE executives and a former UFC heavyweight champion with whom WWE was actively trying to sign to a new contract, according to the suit. In a May 2020 encounter, McMahon defecated on her head during a threesome, the suit said.

Brock implicated in the suit.

Brock, Laurinaitis, Triple H, Stephanie, and Nick Khan are all implicated in one way or another.

This is gross. Put him under the jail.

But unless you’ve read something that I haven’t, your rush to make multiple mentions of Triple H, Stephanie and Nick Khan doesn’t currently belong here.

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I agree that Vince McMahon is gross, and hopefully hes done in this business. I’ve seen Brocks name come up, so Ill give you that one, but how can you just jump to conclusions and accuse all these individuals of being connected when nothing concrete (from what I have seen) has specifically named them, especially what we just went through the Nick Hausman/Chris Jericho crap and everything you said in that thread.

You very well may be right, but lets wait for reports to actually come out and name these people before making pretty strong accusations.

Guys… From the filing:

  1. WWE has also attempted to sweep the matter under the rug. Following media
    reports that McMahon was involved in a “hush money” payment scandal, WWE released a
    statement in June 2022 to announce that a special committee of its board of directors was
    investigating the alleged misconduct and appointing Stephanie McMahon as Interim CEO and
    Interim Chairwoman.

  2. In this capacity, Ms. McMahon publicly affirmed her commitment to “doing
    everything in [her] power to help the Special Committee complete its work…and to implement its
    findings.” She also declared the “importance of a safe and collaborative workplace.”
    Notwithstanding this public statement, the investigation was a sham.

  3. In November 2022, WWE touted the conclusion of the Special Committee
    investigation into the misconduct – yet the Special Committee never even bothered to interview
    Ms. Grant or request any documents despite Ms. Grant stating that she would cooperate.

Who was the board of directors? All of them were aware of this. Stephanie was aware and lead a “Thank you Vince” chant on air. Then she got out of there. Triple H was aware, and did nothing.

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Nick Hausman accusing Chris Jericho of something that he later backtracked on, and had zero actual victims speaking could not be further from what’s going on here.

There is a paper trail. There is evidence. There is a court case. There are payouts. There are victims going on record.

The “reports” are in the filing.

Everybody who was a part of the company at an executive level would have been aware of what was going on.

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I am not saying they are the “same” I am saying that lets not say people are guilty when their names are not actually being brought forward by anybody. Just because someone sits on the board, it does not mean they are aware of every single thing the chairman is doing. As someone who sits on a board, I can tell you first hand this to be true (not that I have ever dealt with anything even close to this before)

Again, Im not saying your are wrong, but lets wait for their names to actually be brought up by an accuser before throwing people to the wolves. Throw Vince all you want, the rest, now is not the time.


I stand by that nobody from pre-TKO (Nick Khan will some how manage), will be left standing after this. This isn’t a problem with one person. This is an issue that’s engrained in the culture of the company, and has been for decades.

Just read through all of this. Wow. Despite needing to shower, I feel like I need a second shower.

While we don’t know and may never know everything and the full extent of who’s involved and how much they knew, much like the pending charges against the five Canadian hockey players for Sexual Assault in 2018, there is a lot in this report and a lot of real and documented evidence that is damning for those involved.

This is so, so, so, gross and so obviously and overtly wrong in every regard. I wonder how long until this case will be used in the tribalistic mudslinging that wrestling fans love to engage in. Hopefully, the grown-ups in the room know better.


Exactly. This is an cultural issue in the organization.

Rita Chatterton
Nancy Argentino
Terry Garvin
Ashley Massaro
The tanning salon incident
Janel Grant

These are not isolated. These are not things that are hidden.

You may be right, though I believe this is a civil suit that was triggered by Vince failing to pay the remaining 2million he agreed to pay to this individual a year or so ago. My guess, is this gets sorts out behind closed doors, Vince exits as he should, and the rest of the board stays put.

Anything is of course possible, but thats how these things typically play out. Now if somehow a criminal investigation begins, that could change everything.

Big outlets picking up on this story…

Ya, culture is created from the top. Its Vince, he is the one responsible for all of this. You want to change the culture, you need to cut off the head of the snake. Hopefully Vince is gone after this.

The body of the snake is just as important… Without it, it’s just a head that can’t do damage.

Nobody could stop Vince, just look at 2022 as an example. The board did act and ousted him, what did he do? He came back and fired half the board. He was untouchable. Saying Vince was just a head that couldnt do much damage is hyperbole. The guy did plenty of damage.

  1. Despite McMahon’s promise of reputational protection, WWE appears to have
    leaked information that led to the public disclosure of her name by a media blogger who cited “a
    source in #WWE with direct knowledge of the situation,” which, upon information and belief, was
    an overt intimidation tactic aimed at Ms. Grant.

The person they leaked it to is a hack “journalist” name Brad Sheppard. He went on to dump all over the victim on Twitter after what happened.

He was then voted back in unanimously.

Only Stephanie actually walked away. But did it after leading a “Thank You Vince” chant on TV.

He was enabled by a whole lot of people.

If you really have moral qualms about the behavior of people within your company, you leave and speak out. You don’t climb the ladder and take big paydays that their return affords you.