Vince McMahon accused of Sex Trafficking / Resignation 🧵

Would be good if others followed suit with how blunt Bret is with it.

Yep, stopped reading after 2-3 Tweets as it clear he’d made a decision to troll.

Not worth the time of day to read his stuff.

Kind of interesting coming from Bret considering what he said last time he was asked about these allegations. Have you ever heard him talk about Rita C?

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I have zero problem with reporters being critical of WWE, but he works for a website that you yourself said was clickbait and garbage, and all he does is rip into WWE, which right now is justified, but in the past has come off IMO as a bit immature.

I won’t say he’s as bad as Hausman after that shit show yesterday, but let’s not Pretend hes John or anything.

Her story is very sad, and I do believe that Vince did that. I always felt there was something creepy about a 60 year old man who’s also the head writer always writing storylines where he’s making out with woman in their 20s for “storyline”.


While WrestligInc isn’t the best of sites - it changed ownership from Raj in the last year or two - and has made an honest effort to seem more of an aggregator than anything harmful.

Came across this segment on Tik Tok. The fact that Vince wrote this, while he was doing what he was doing is just insane to me. With many wrestlers they say the on screen persona is their real selves turned up a notch. With Vince, its scary to say that it seems his on screen self was essentially the same.

God this is horrible! Did no one even question this when it aired WTf. Who would write this stuff.

It’s quite similar to Jimmy Saville in the UK. When you watch clips back he literally tells the public what he was up to and everyone just ignored it


Absolutely heartbreaking stuff here.
Again, the idea that this is isolated to one or two people inside the company is naive.

I don’t know how to feel about the Ashley stuff - my heart breaks for her and her family but at the same time I know she retracted it all and sent an apology to the WWE didnt she?

How do you reconcile that I guess to know what’s what in this case

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This contains parts of her retraction. It reads to me like somebody who just wants to be accepted back, in the only place she could make a living at a certain level.

Nothing about people like Paul London’s statements, or statements in the above clip, lead me to doubt the truth of the story and accusations.

The fact John Laurinaitis’s lawyer has acknowledged that this was a known fact within the company at an executive level, seems to speak to truth of the story.

The NCIS actually did an investigation into this as well.

I’d strongly advise you to listen to John and Brandon’s episode from yesterday, with Tim Marchman, who has been extensively covering this story.

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I did – I know I agree and I feel really bad. But like I have a hard time reconciling why she did that and tried to retract everything and sent the apology. Like for me that really makes it difficult to be 100% sure about what happened.

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Laurenitis’ camp corroborating the fact that she reported this while she was employed really seals it for me. I could entertain the idea of her fabricating a story for a lawsuit after her dismissal but I don’t see why she’d make it up while employed by the company.

@MarkP @Alex_Patel
You both make valid points. I have a very hard time morally discussing the Ashley situation because sadly she is no longer around to defend herself or articulate her stance on anything.

When someone retracts their entire story, who am I to say her retraction doesn’t count and speak for her. At the same time, its definitely odd that she would say what she said if it didn’t happen, and given all the payouts and what we now know about Vince, id be lying if I didnt say the retraction was suspicious.

IMO her family has gone through the ringer as it is, and 5 years later I’m sure the last thing they want is for her to become a headline for clicks and online discussion. Unless something comes from the mouth of her immediate family, I’m going to step to the side on this one and leave the girl alone. There are sadly plenty of other stories that the media and fans can focus on.


Just out of curiosity, where has anybody seen that she retracted her claims of sexual abuse?

Or the mention of her family wanting it dropped?

The only things she seems to have written in that letter was she was sorry for being involved in a lawsuit against WWE.

Because these things take so long that I’m sure you convince yourself whether it’s all worth it, whether you were to blame for some things, whether you could have done things differently, you question what is this ultimately going to achieve.

In rape cases most woman decide to not take it further when they realise it’s a mission to get any sort of justice.

It’s all so bloody sad. So many lives ruined