What are you watching?

Not including wrestling or anything wrestling related, what is everyone binging or simply just watching right now?

Personally I started watching The Sapranos, buddy of mine has been bugging me for years to watch it so I decided to finally give it a shot, I’m just about to finish season 3.

Though I don’t think that I have the same appreciation for it that those who watched it originally may have, as a lot of the things that were then considered groundbreaking, now seem normal as I watch with 2020 eyes (Season 1, College is an example of what I mean).

I figure this could be a cool thread where people can talk about what they are watching, give recommendations, or just comment on shows others are are currently into.


Watched Attack on Titan and then caught up to the manga. It’s “anime game of thrones”. Except it hasn’t crapped the bed yet, and is on the precipice of going down as a classic as it enters it’s last season.

I just finished the first season of the Mandalorian. I will also binge watch every season of Letterkenny as soon as they’re released. Doom Patrol was good. Kingdom on Netflix if you don’t mind subtitles. I will also recommend the standard Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. Tons of repeat viewing for those

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I’m going to try to remember everything I’ve watched since the pandemic started:

Outer Banks (Season 1)
All American (Seasons 1 & 2)
Space Force (Season 1)
The Last Kingdom (Season 4)
Zoeys Extraordinary Playlist (Season 1)
Ozark (Seasons 1-3)
Westworld (Season 3)
Star Trek Picard (Season 1)
The last dance
Magic for Humans (Season 3)
Tiger King
Schitts Creek (through Season 4)
The Morning Show (season 1)
The Witcher (Season 1)
Arrow (Season 8)

And a lot of Sesame Street and Disney movies with our kid. Especially Coco, Cars, Frozen and Moana.

Of the shows we have watched Ozark was probably the best in terms of quality acting and a crazy plot that draws you in. But it’s also incredibly dark. Darker than its inspirations like the Sopranos or Breaking Bad in my opinion. And there were just certain days in quarantine I didn’t want to watch something so dark.

So the shows I actually just enjoyed the most were probably Zoeys playlist or Star Trek Picard. I’m a big Trekkie and really enjoyed seeing Patrick Stewart back playing Picard in a type of story we haven’t really seen in the Star Trek universe.


Finally watching “Better Call Saul”. I loved “Breaking Bad” but my wife wasn’t interested, so I never got around to BCS until now.


I had the exact same experience with Ozark. It’s good, but the non-stop darkness can make it a tough watch. Just when you think a character or plot line might develop some positivity or even stability they throw another spanner in the works.


There have still been a few shows on cable I’ve been watching. What We Do In the Shadows just ended its second season this week, while Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD recently began its final season. The new show Stargirl, originally just for DC Universe, is airing on CW as well, while I’m a third of a way through Doom Patrol, another DCU show, on Blu Ray (also on HBO Max, which I’ve gotten for free with my regular HBO subscription). Also caught the recent seasons of other CW DC shows (ending inconclusively) Westworld, Better Call Saul, the final season of Modern Family, Dead to Me on Netflix, and a lot of other stuff.

I recently watched all of the first two seasons of the DuckTales reboot on Disney+ so as to catch up with the third season, which has apparently paused after about eight or nine episodes. I really really dig that show, improving on nearly everything from the original series while also paying tribute to other Disney shows from the 80s and 90s that I watched as a kid.

I might be starting Narcos soon.

Various movies I’ve watched (or rewatched) on streaming services during this time:
The Princess Bride
Gremlins 2: The New Batch

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Since lockdown:

Ozark - seasons 1 - 3
Tiger King
Jeffrey Epstein thing

But the absolute best thing I’ve watched - Gangs of London. Absolutely phenomenal and big recommendation if people want something to watch

I also watched Princess Bride for the first time on streaming. I watched it because of Andre. I came away surprised at how good of a comedy it was. It is a very unique movie.

Yeah, I first saw it years ago, and I forgot how fun and funny it was. Lots of now-iconic lines.

Better Call Saul is my favourite show on TV, unfortunate that it doesn’t get the same fanfare that Breaking Bad did. Very good show.


Recommendations not already mentioned and in no particular order:

Amazon Prime

Jack Ryan
The Boys
The Looming Tower

Apple TV

For All Mankind


Betting on Zero
Coronavirus Explained
Criminal United Kingdom
Dirty Money
Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond
Manhunt Unabomber
Nobody Speak
Seven Seconds
The China Hustle
The Haunting of Hill House
The Sinner
When They See Us

Other platforms

City on a Hill
The Outsider

Obviously the above have been watched over several years and not all in the last 12 weeks!

Not as obvious as you might think. I’ve been “working“ from home since March 13 in an industry that’s basically shut down. If not for my one-year-old being home, i’d probably be waiting for “Netflix 2” to come out at this point.


On my end been catching up on NCIS, Billions and Young Justice: Outsiders. On Netflix I’ve been starting to watch Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans.

Also if anyone has Crave, I would recommend Strike Back since I started re watching it. The format is 10 episode seasons but each 2 episodes is like a mini movie with plot points that go throughout the season.

What were your thoughts on “The Morning Show” on Apple TV? Just watched the first episode last night. Wasn’t what I was expecting, but seems decent. Should I keep going and watch it all?

I really liked it…it’s hard for me to comment without spoiling anything but I’ll say this, the show does a very good job in showing all angles of a sexual assault accusation. I felt in the end the viewer has a grasp of what happened and if it was right or wrong, but within the context of the show you can see how perspectives are not the same.

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I think you should keep going. I thought it got better as it went along and dived into the behind-the-scenes office power struggles.

I thought it was awkward at first to be telling the story of a millionaire white sexual harasser from a sympathetic viewpoint at times. But as the story continues it actually highlights all the systematic sexism and harassment that happens in most work places and the awful consequences when it’s left unchecked.

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Sorry, but there is no way for me to go deeper unless I spoil it. See what you found awkward, I thought was part of why the show was so good. It would have been so safe and easy to depict Steve Carell’s character as a one dimensional sexual predator, who knows he is a predator, and doesn’t give a shit. (ie. a Harvey Weinstien). Instead they created a complex character who was mostly completely clueless to what he was doing, and didn’t understand why this was happening to him. I especially liked it when they did the flashback to when he worked with the Morning Show and everyone was fine with his behavior, men and women. It was completely normalized which is a huge part of the problem and is the reason why women (and I’m sure in some cases men) have to deal with it. You nail it though when you say it was a systematic issue.

The big scene of the show, where Mitch has sex with Hannah in Vegas, the way the show was able to present a sex scene in which one participant was clearly not wanting to engage and did not express consent, while the other was 100% into it and had the perspective that she was to as she was not resisting or saying no was IMO very complex storytelling. Same with the lead-up, she went up to his hotel room looking for a shoulder to cry on so to speak after dealing with the mass shooting in Vegas, while he viewed her coming up to his room as a sign that she wanted to sleep with him.

Cudos to both Steve Carrell and Gugu Mbatha-Raw for that scene, I couldn’t imagine filming that it as an actor or actress, I don’t think I have ever felt so uncomfortable watching a scene of television in my life, and I mean that as a compliment.

Now in the end, at least IMO opinion, Mitch was a sexual predator and what he did to Hannah was an assault, and the way he used his position of power to coheres woman to sleep with him was wrong, and throughout the show you see him slowly learning what it was he did. I loved the scene with him and Martin Short, where Martin Short’s character makes a comment essentially saying sexual assault is no big deal, and Steve Carrell’s character is turned off by it (ie. showing the viewer that Mitch doesn’t like the idea of it in his head, and is utterly clueless to what he did)

The show also depicts how the larger issue at hand is the system, and how the people who set the tone of the entire culture are ultimately the one’s who allow for this to happen.

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Just realized my tv service has every single 30 for 30 on demand so I’ve been making my way through all the ones I’ve missed.

Caught “This Magic Moment” about Shaq, Penny and the early-90s Orlando teams, great stuff. Don’t think there is a single bad 30 for 30

Outside of wrestling I’ve been watching mostly Bob’s Burgers, reliving one of my favorite Nicktoons (Rugrats!), old football highlights, and NASA space videos on Youtube.