What brought you here

Hey guys, I’m new here as a poster however I have been a listener for a long time. I apologize if this has been done before or if its against the rules, if either is true, please erase this thread and accept my apology.

I’m just curious what led everyone to Post Wrestling. For myself, it started in 2001 when I read a transcript of an interview with Christian on either 1wrestling or PWInsider. The interview was from a radio show I had never heard of which was the Law. At the time I didnt know that shows like that existed as the only show close to it that I had ever listed to was WCW Live which was not the same.

Long story short, I became a fan of John and Wai when they began doing Review a Wai, it was/is a really cool concept. However anyone can do a Podcast, what makes them great is their chemistry. The two of them balance each other out perfectly, and I love that sometimes they agree, sometimes they don’t and they aren’t shy to say it. From there I became a listener of Review a Raw, and eventually Review a Smackdown as listening to them review it while running errands was so much more enjoyable then actually watching the show myself lol. When they left the LAW, I followed them over to Post Wrestling and became a Patron.

Whats your story? How did you make your way here? I recognize a lot of you from the shows feedback, but a lot of you I don’t…

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Here’s a old thread to the question.

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I believe I might have mentioned it in the other thread linked by GoDieGo, but it was the old Review-A-Wai shows that got me into what eventually became Post Wrestling. The first Review-A-Wai show I ever heard was Uncensored 1996 right around this time of year in 2013. I have been an avid listener ever since.

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I OSW Review. I was watching an episode that was introduced by John & Wai. I was like who are these guys? Been a fan ever since.


Some boards the admins get upset if you bump old threads. That thread is about a year and a half old, is it ok to do that here? Or is it better to start a new one?

No idea. Like you, I’m been a long time listener, but pretty new to the forum. Given the amount of responses already given to your question in a different thread, I felt it’d be a shame not to share it.

Since the Live Audio Wrestling radio show, and its podcasts, was discontinued, I was desperate to find Wai and John, so one day I Googled and found them here.

Hopefully, things will be as before.

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Big Daddy Donny and Gentlemen Jeff Marek after ppvs in the 90s. Then these two young call screeners, then review a wai, and then christmas eve day one, and the rest is history!

If I recall correctly, I was rewatching OSW for the umpteenth time and John and Wai came on for the ad break questionarium. I think they were advertising their review of the “a-hole auto tune remix impact”, I watched it and was hooked since. Of course they were fired 6 months later and I thought there was gonna be no more new things of my favourite new thing. Was listening before they launched POST, and became a day 1 backer.

Do you remember which episode it was? I’m the same way and now I’m trying to find it

started listening to Live Audio Wrestling when it was on Sunday overnight from 1am to 3am with Donnie & Jeff on the Fan 590. I used to record the show on audio cassette and think i still have some cassettes. Listened to the LAW til it was cancelled. Started listening to Wai and Johns podcasts and when the breakup happened and Wai and John started their patreon after a few weeks i signed up and have been a member ever since. started out a one milk one sugar member and after a few months bumped up to double double.

I never heard Donny, so he was the co-host before Mouth?

Don’t mean to sound like a prick, but Abreu’s name is spelled “Donnie.”

I listened to him back in 1998 when it was Abreu and Chris Tidwell, also known as Notorious T.I.D. Tidwell left the show and started his career as a wrestler. Too bad he hasn’t made it to WWE, AEW, or Impact Wrestling and is still in indy card hell.

Thanks for clarifying it Rawbert.


Rated R, you’re welcome.

I believe they had Mick Foley on the show once at that time.

Foley told them about the WWF’s “ideas” on what to call Steve Austin’s character when Austin was starting out with the cold killer identity, fresh from the Ringmaster schtick.

They gave Austin many ideas, but they all sucked. As luck would have it, his wife inadvertently gave him the best one in the world: Stone Cold. When Austin’s tea got cold, she told him that his tea as “getting stone cold.” And that stuck.

when i first started watching NJPW back in 2015-2016ish i couldn’t get enough of it and it was actually through japanese audio wrestling where i discovered john and wai.

i didn’t realize they were canadian until they started talking about coffee time or much music, after that i was sold

i love the canadianisms

Spring 2007 class at Ryerson called televisual texts and contexts. John and Wai were in my class. We did a project on the UWA. The video called “it’s just good stuff.” Might be lost though. It was posted on MySpace years ago.


Used to be a diehard mlw podcast listener. Court bauer started a podcast with john and i loved it/his opinions. Followed him to the law. Fell in love with the law and started listening to john and wais reviews of raw and smack down. Listening ever since

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I’m a lapsed wrestling fan. I was a big fan in the late 80’s early 90’s and then didn’t really pay much attention.
In my late 20’s I was just searching wresting stuff on the internet and read about what had happened to my favorite wrestler - Brett Hart. I didn’t know the Montreal Screwjob or anything and I searched for podcasts to get me up to date on what happened. I found some really annoying podcasts but stumbled across The LAW and started to listen regularly.
I really enjoyed Dan Lovranski and Jason Agnew but my fave show was Bauer & Pollock - they just talked for ages and gave great in-depth coverage of what was going on.
I signed up to Post Wrestling as soon as it came out and I’m happy to pay these guys for their content, they do an awesome job and are really entertaining