What can we all do during Isolation?

Hi, Thought a thread where we discuss positive things were going to do now we have more time to fill while isolating ourselves.

I plan to learn to DJ and I want to try and read all the books I’ve been collecting for years but never got round to.

I’m going to sign up to the WWE network as well and watch all the classics PPV’s - Top of my list is:
SummerSlam 1992
Survivor Series 1991
King of the Ring 1993
Wrestlemania 5
These events got me into wrestling!

I wouldn’t mind checking out some of the 2000’s which I completely missed if anyone can suggest the best!

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Given this is ultimately a wrestling forum, I think the correct answer is to look after your local indy promotion that can’t run shows and subscribe to their streaming service (and buy merch from your favourite wrestlers if your bank account will allow it.)

I’m currently working my way through Melbourne City Wrestling’s back catalogue, but there are literally dozens you can look into. Fair enough if you want to subscribe to WWE Network and re-live your youth - but I personally think there are other places that need the money more.

Another thing I’m doing is lurking social media for opportunities to help. If someone’s dog needs walking, I’m all over that. If someone needs groceries that don’t require me to go to 5 different shops (ie. toilet paper) I’m also getting into that. I’m fortunate in that I don’t really have any older people in my life (fortunate aside from traumatic family estrangement I guess!), so I’m not a huge risk of infecting anyone.

One of the things we’re learning here in Australia is that there are definitely 2 types of people - we have people who will hoard a dozen 30x packs of toilet rolls, and then we have people who will go shopping for others, who will cook for others, and who will give up their second last roll of toilet paper to a neighbour in need. (Ironic given a month ago we were patting ourselves on the back about the “Aussie spirit” after our bushfires.)

Watch World Championship Wrestling starting from January 1988 and watch all the Clashes and PPV’s through to the end of 1989.


Trivia contest? In in

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I’ve got an obsure one

macho Man randy savage on the WWE title at WM4 by winning the tournament and defeating Ted Dibiase in the finals

Who was his first televised match against following the victory?


Wow, that’s a tough one…Since it’s an obscure one, I figure it’s a jobber so I’m gonna say Iron Mike Sharpe

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God knows - Virgil?

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That’s a great idea.
It was good to hear you on last week’s show.
Stay safe in Oz pal!

Binge watch 1992 Superstars episodes on the Network. Seriously, these are fun and easy 45 minute watches with plenty of big moments to relive like the Nailz beatdown of Bossman, Papa Shango Voodo Curse on Warrior, Razor Ramon/Yokozuna debuts, the early days of Bret Hart’s first title run, and many more.

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These sounds awesome!!! Thanks mate

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Grow a beard. I decided I’m not shaving until there’s a semblance of normality again, at the earliest.

It’s been six days since my last shave, the longest I’ve ever gone.

When i say grow a beard, i also mean taking care of it properly. Just letting your hair grow out carelessly doesn’t give a great impression at the best of times, let alone now. Maintaining my best self is important to me and adding a beard to the equation is a welcome new element.

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Going to play a lot of music and scrabble.

Last weekend successfully baked with spelt flour for the first time so I’m gunna keep that positive momentum going.

Yup! Virgil on WWF Superstars

My friends and I have started a Film Podcast. We’re quite excited, if a bit nervous about it, and if anyone fancies having a listen, I’d be very much interested in any feedback peeps may have.

Stick a link up…we’ve all got some extra free time!

ha ha no way, that was an educated guess!

Just wanted to say your input has been really good on recent podcasts. Hope you and your family stay safe Alex

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Very kind.

Apple Podcasts - Best Film Ever
It’s supposed to be up on Spotify and Google Podcasts but I’m not sure it’s actually there yet.

If all that fails - bestfilmever.podbean.com


I’ve got a few band projects I’m working on, (inlay guitar) so I’ll have more time to dedicate to that. And I just moved in with my girlfriend this month, so we are just trying to figure that out. We both like cooking and horror movies. But, trying to take the dog for longer walks, hike etc…being off work kinda hit me hard. It was the one constant in my life, through a divorce, moving, personal shit…I relied on my work to give me some sense of normalcy and purpose. Now, it’s an unprepared vacation. Oh, and because we just paid down our first and last rent, money is tight


I want to say that Bret Hart’s first televised defense was also against Virgil in the fall of 1992.

Bret had some great ones on TV. 1,2,3 kid one is great too In addition to Virgil . And it leads into the first Shawn match at survivor series