Whats WWE's issue with Becky Lynch?

Her treatment by creative might be due to for the same reasons as Dolph. She has a grating personality in the back that is a huge turn off to creative. Dolph in real life is very cringey and does very douchey things all the time. I have heard everyone mocks him all the time. Becky is 31 going on 13. She comes off as mentally challenged and its always a bad idea when she talks.

She isn’t that talented and probably rubs creative the wrong way like Dolph does.

Not really that complicated. I don’t automatically become a fan of the talentless because of their look. I guess Vince is at least consistent across both genders.

Trish Stratus and Alexa Bliss are talentless…ok…done.

I thought she was being help back for her bad choices in ring gear. That flame one piece is not aesthetically appealing at all. some one should tell Carmella that also.

Your bar of what’s considered talented is seriously low. I will say though that at least Alexa is a good promo. When it comes to Trish though… everyone who actually knows the past rather than WWE’s revised version of the past knows how she became popular.

Yeah by becoming more than eye candy to become one of the most decorated women’s wrestlers in WWE.

A woman who spent all her injury time working on her craft and being more than just bra and panty matches…but whatever…keep being wrong

Looks like WWE speak really does work. :joy:

And becoming a “decorated wrestler” doesn’t really prove anything in the WWE as, outside of kayfabe, you’re just being picked to be champion rather than actually winning it. And then even within kayfabe it doesn’t make sense especially when only concerning one title as you have to lose it to win it again so bragging about being a multiple time champion doesn’t make much sense. All that however is more to do with the generally illogical way wrestling is presented but it’s still hilarious you brought it up as a way of defending Trish as somehow getting over on talent.

Yeah…forget what people who are well respected in pro wrestling say…someone else doesn’t see what everyone else sees…lets listen to that guy :roll_eyes:

9 out 10 doctors say smoking bad for you…let’s listen to that one guy :joy:

That’s a terrible attempt at analysis.

Who people think are good or bad is subjective. It’s not something scientific. And “people in pro-wrestling” having a differing opinion doesn’t mean their opinion can’t be challenged especially when it’s lacking in logic. And even when talking about “people in pro-wrestling” they don’t somehow look at Trish Stratus as a great in ring wrestler. You’ll hear she improved a lot but that’s mainly because she was absolutely shocking to start off with.

When people who are respected in their chosen fields all agree to something…it’s called fact.

All people agree the world is round…being that guy saying it’s flat doesn’t negate it.

You’re all over the place with your analogies.

  1. People having the same opinion doesn’t make that opinion a fact.

  2. People agree the world is round because of proof of its roundness.

  3. Why are you even a part of a forum discussing things if you think that everything is what WWE says it is and questioning it is insanity?

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LOL i didn’t know all those outside entities including this site who cover WWE are all being told by WWE to tell their narrative. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Don’t wear your tinfoil hat out in the heat.

That doesn’t even make sense as a response to what I’ve said… You don’t like to question WWE’s methods, ideas or revisionism at all and even in other threads suggest that fans thinking is an issue which is weird as you’re on a forum.

No offence, but you’re really not that smart. Are you American?

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Now you’re insulting Americans…oh you’re really making yourself look good here :joy:

Said people outside the WWE who cover it agree with what I initially stated…somehow that’s revisionism :sweat_smile:

I’ve never seen or heard anyone with any credibility suggest Trish was a good wrestler just like no one with any credibility suggests Sable or Alexa or Mandy Rose or the Bella twins are great or even good wrestlers. And even if they did, like I said, it’s still subjective. You’re allowed to think Trish was a magnificent technician if you want, you’re wrong but you’re allowed to be. Just like people are allowed to think Cena is a great in ring wrestler. It shows low standards but if that’s you then fair enough.

If it’s “all subjective”…why act like the bar is low? Typical elitist neckbeard…your thinly veiled attempt at backhanded comments is bemusing.

And acting like someone like me shouldn’t be on this forum for not blindly agreeing with their opinion is what a beehive group thinker would say. :v:

What the…

You say that people can’t disagree with or challenge what “the experts” say then you turn around and pretend that I’m suppressing your opinion? :joy:

I didn’t say you shouldn’t be on forum because you have a WWE approved opinion, I said if you don’t think discussion is allowed because “the experts hath written it in stone” then why are you on a forum. A quite obvious difference.

All this because you think Mandy Rose is a peak Kurt Angle level wrestler. :weary:

Becky is revealed to be A.J. and Claire’s daughter. Story progression!

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Dumbest thing said here…said it’s too early to judge talent based on two years in the business.

At least someone noticed how popular Becky Lynch could be… I guess WWE are just late at figuring out what the fans want. They’re hopeless at reading a crowd.