Who is your most irritating WWE Superstar?

I know it is a big field to only try and select one - for the most irritating.
Have a try?
Bayley and Daniel Bryan are in my semi finals…along with Dolf Ziegler and one more to go…

Seth all the way.

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Probably Ziggler - he’s been the same guy since 2008. He’s emblematic of WWE as a whole, had some potential but never realized it and hasn’t meant anything for years.

Zack Ryder is in a similar boat as Ziggler. Complete loser who is just a mark to be employed by WWE.

I’d also add Seth, Bayley and the Street Profits. All horrible


At least he can say he has a hot fiance though. He has his Major Wrestling Figures podcast. I like watching some of his videos on youtube. Ziggler just fucking sucks and his comedy is probably shit.

Ryder got himself over in 2011 and has been buried ever since. He’s wasted a decade of his career meaning nothing and being happy about it. The guy is a complete loser. Thankfully he’s not even on TV enough to be that irritating but he’s another guy that hasn’t changed or updated anything about the way he works, looks or talks in almost 10 years

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Why would he do anything though? Like you said, he went and got himself over. He was doing the youtube shit, long before the Young Bucks and it was working. So they decided his value was beneath Eve Torres and getting pushed off a stage by Kane.

What else can the guy do? Its obvious they see him at a certain spot. He probably realizes he wont become a Cody or Drew Mcintyre if he leaves, so why not keep collecting that WWE pay?

Matt Riddle.

Plenty of guys are irritating because of how they’re booked/scripted or the character they portray, but unless he’s the best actor on the planet, Matt Riddle comes off as an actually irritating person. I was done with the dudes who think “smoking weed” is a defining personality trait somewhere around the 10th grade.

In the same respect, I can’t stand video games, so most of those guys would probably be irritating to me. But that’s more of a “to each his own” situation.

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Stephanie McMahon


Oooo…I would have to agree. Her voice is so shrill, her (onscreen) personality is horrible, and she never faces any consequences.


And her outside the ring public persona is incredibly fake and full of corporate speak. I don’t believe anybody outside her family and friends has probably been exposed to the real person in decades.

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Outside of the ring, Liv Morgan is very irritating (I saw her during the watchalong and on upupdowndown).

Remember when Ryder won the IC title at Mania that one year? Dude is a huge wrestling nerd, works for the biggest wrestling company on earth, and they let him do his YouTube channel and podcast. For all we know he could be incredibly happy being a jobber. Everyone can’t be The Big Dawg.

Orton irritates me more than anyone. He had a great segment with Edge but I cringe every time “I hear voices in my head” comes on my television. He’s a good performer but being the same guy near or in the top spot for 15 years makes me so bored

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He could leave. Just try to work somewhere else. WWE isn’t going anywhere. I’d say he’s more talented than Jinder Mahal so if Mahal can leave and come back then so could Ryder. It’s his career so why not just take a risk?

Yeah that was totally pointless. That type of stuff makes Wrestlemania a joke. He lost the belt the next night. All that was for was to create a fake moment. There was no build or story to his win. He won so they could produce a segment about how amazing WWE is. I hated that

The Miz. The guy is just so boring in the ring and yet seems to constantly be featured in some major angle or storyline every week.


Financial stability? A future back stage role. I think we as fans all think that these guys not getting featured must be super unhappy. What if they’re not? What if earning a solid paycheck doing what they love is enough?

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And doing what he loves is what exactly? Hanging out in catering? Wrestling on main event or dark matches once in a while?

I just have zero respect for a guy like Ryder who whines online all the time and then does nothing to improve his standing in the business

Working house shows? I mean if he is complaining a ton I agree, but some guys don’t need to be stars to be happy.

According to cagematch he’s worked four matches in 2020. He’s doing very little

Ok and he worked 88 matches in 2019. He also took January off and has worked 4 matches in February. Cody has worked 5 Matches in 2020 and 14 in 2020 guess he isn’t doing much either? I mean 88 matches is almost twice a week (1.7 matches per week). I think that is more than the elite combined last year…