Who will win the ratings tonight (2020-01-08)?

  • AEW
  • NXT
  • Tie

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AEW looks to have the stronger show and the interest in Jericho and Mox coming off NJPW should boost it

NXT sounds really boring. I think all this UK stuff is going to drag the number down because nobody watches that show.

I am expecting good matches, but yeah they are really in a phase of rebuilding stories after war games and the last live show of the year they don’t really have any existing programs.

I’m curious to see how AEW uses the Memphis legends… Not sure how much weight Jimmy Valiant or Austin Idol carries on a 2020 broadcast…

AEW is going hard after that 50 plus demo, lol

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NXT hasn’t put on a proper show for two weeks and has done very little promotion for their return. They shot themselves in the foot. Should be an AEW win.

AEW: 947,000

NXT did not crack the Top 50. We will update when we get a number

I think NXT didn’t do a Top 50 demo but a normal number so it’s not showing. I honestly hope NXT does a respectable number 750+ and this shows wrestling fans that 18-49 is what matters most

Strong number for AEW for a shit show

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NXT got slaughtered. Jesus.

AEW promotes their upcoming really well.
Like I fully expect their Bash at the Beach to rate really well for what’s gonna be sold as a 2 week special

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WWE should try promoting NXT. It might work…

What’s there to promote? They’re building to a World Collide thing that no one cares about and very little else.

AEW was sixth in the 18 to 49 demo compared to 55th for NXT - oooooof.

NXT 721,000 viewers

Shocking how inconsequential that 4 way felt last night with no promotion and no major stars for Keith Lee to beat. Full Sail sounded dead.

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Am I allowed to say Keith Lee isn’t as much of a big deal or as much of an interesting character as a lot of “hardcore” wrestling fans want to pretend…?

NXT does need to do a lot more character work, it’s great that no one comes across as silly but more need to come across as interesting. Everyone’s presented as being on the same level which makes the matches great but no one stands out.

Damian Priest’s gimmick of making his name at the expense of those who already have a name, coupled with his look and god like voice, make him an ideal wrestler to put a spotlight on. #PushDamianPriest

Bianca Belair is one that’s ready made for the spotlight and has tonnes of mainstream appeal. Crazy they’re taking so long to pull the trigger with her.

They also just need to work in front of a different crowd. It doesn’t need to be a massive one, just a different one. And turn the lights on.

I agree they need to do more character work. As for Lee I think they have almost jumped the Shark on him. He felt super hot coming out of survivor series, but they keep putting him in repeat “moment making spots”. It is the WWE thing of over pushing things that happened naturally.


If they’re serious about him (and I think they should be), Keith Lee should be the one to toss Brock from the Rumble. But only if they’re willing to go all the way and have him win at Mania too.

I don’t care about “too soon”. I think we’re beyond that. Are they pushing the guy or not?


I haven’t seen Keith Lee in WWE yet, and only know him from the indies. I was happy to hear how strongly they put him over at Survivor Series, but am disappointed to hear nothing else has really been going on for him.

The dude has the size that most believe WWE are all about - and a crazy workrate that should win over the most hardcore of fans.

He is the most “can’t miss” prospect I could ever imagine them signing… But I wouldn’t put it beyond them to totally mess it up.