will you be watching AEW Full Gear?

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I’m also meme’ing meme’s as I am aware how amateur it looks. But giving me a nice work break, as well as this debate above. :popcorn:

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These aren’t whataboutims, these are reality checks: really, the words “Fuck you Punk” by a crowd for 20 seconds was so embarrassing that you question calling yourself a fan? That’s the rubicon? Scales, man.

Yes, we all have opinions. I shared mine. We disagree. That was the point. Not everyone thinks this way about Punk or The Elite or those plebian fans despite the agreement between many of you. I find the both sidesing as lame considering everything that has been reported, so I thought the attempts at guessing could probably use some grounding. That’s it.

I can’t tell if you’re just purposely using strawman tactics, or you’re genuinely not understanding what I’m saying.

The “whataboutisms” are you bringing up Tyson and Jericho, that has nothing to do with punk. That’s the definition of what it is.

I never “questioned” being a fan, no clue where you got that from. I said the chant was embarrassing as a wrestling fan, which it was. If you liked it, ok.

I’m not sure what to say to you if you think getting more information about a story is “lame”. Ive never had someone debate me that more info is a bad thing. You want to blindly support the elite, you do you.

Agree with everything you wrote here. The last line holds so true…to add to that, if Khan, Punk, and the Elite just put their ego’s aside, Punk returning as a heel to feud with Omega would be the biggest drawing feud in AEW history. That is a main event I could sink my teeth into as I’d be more into that then anything WWE can do (minus maybe Rock/Roman depending on build).

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It’s not that more info is bad, it’s the knots a few of you are tying yourselves in to suggest Punk is some sort of victim despite all public evidence pointing at him being instigator.

“Questioning” comes from your earlier from your “embarrassment” at the fan base for their sin of chanting Punk. Questioning your fandom never came up after your embarrassment with those childish fans, so that’s my bad, one is not the other.

That’s it. No offense taken, no grudges, just a differing opinion when one opinion was seeming to get entrenched. Happy Dynamite day, y’all.

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I don’t know where else to write this but that was a fantastic PPV imo.

A bit too long as usual but so enjoyable and really revived my interest in the product.


I didn’t end up, ordering it, sounds like it was a good show.

The MJF ending is a little flat for me because I would’ve liked to have seen him just win as a straight face, because people are going to cheer him anyway. I think we all saw this Regal thing coming and it’s a bit lame. But we will see where they go.

Heard a lot of the other matches were pretty good and delivered.

Another strawman, which is always a sign of a weak arguement….please show me where ANYONE on this board calls Punk a victim.

I have said over and over and over again, Punk is at fault and handled that entire situation like an idiot.

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Where would everyone rank Full Gear in terms of best AEW PPV’s this year? I didn’t get to watch it but based on all the footage I have seen it was pretty good but not the best.

I think my ranking is:

  1. Revolution
  2. All Out
  3. Full Gear
  4. Double or Nothing
  5. Forbidden Door

Despite my criticisms, I am looking forward to the show tonight. Usually these post-PPV shows are very storyline heavy and feel like a season premier. They should have something explosive with Reagal & MJF, plus Jamie Hayter. Let’s hope they can maintain the hype for the next few months. I don’t want MJF anywhere near the likes of Mark Sterling or any of these other joke guys. Give him a proper main event feud.

I think it’s generally assumed that people here aren’t watching the WWE PPVs month to month. Maybe I’ve been reading the room incorrectly, but since AEW’s inception this forum seems to primarily focus on AEW chatter and feedback. Dynamite feedback threads easily out-produce WWE shows week to week, for example. It’s my impression that for a lot of people here, their only means of following WWE is through John and Wai’s reviews.


I’d have to go:
Double or nothing
Forbidden door
Full gear
All Out

There’s a lot of comments about how WWE has the momentum, had better stories, Is a more exciting product but I could easily be wrong and maybe it’s just one or 2 people who post a lot so it seems that way.

Yeah I really hope the MJF story is great. I wonder if they’ll return to Wardlow at some point not he’s dropped the belt?

Well, I mean look at the ratings for the last dynamite and look at their attendance. WWE is gonna do a $5 million gate for royal rumble. That’s five times the best gate these guys have ever done.

Any time you heading to WM season the momentum shifts to WWE. It’s hard to compete against royal rumble in Wrestlemania in terms of interest.

If all you did was follow these forms, you would think a AEW is by far the bigger, more popular promotion because more people comment on those threads and more people watch that. Just look at the meet ups that they have, they’re always around AEW events. Because the hard-core fans like us that use message boards probably do like AEW better.

But that isn’t the case for most people.

When you look at objective metrics clearly they’re down. The ratings are down, their attendance When you look at objective metrics clearly there down. The ratings are down, their attendance is down, and I think everyone will agree Tony Khans booking hasn’t been that great. Forget about WWE. Just look at him alone. It’s not as good as it used to be. It’s not all their fault, obviously, the injuries and suspensions play into it. But he’s kind of bungled these main event builds.

His priorities seems to be having a lot of titles and pushing ROG, having a lot of Japanese guys come on and job, and pushing idiots like Bow Wow, who nobody cares about on TV. He needs a reset, why isn’t FTR on a pay-per-view? Where is Miro? I don’t get it. He’s definitely not as good as he wants wise in terms of booking and it’s showing.

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For Tony Khan ppvs I’d go

  1. Forbidden Door
  2. Revolution
  3. Supercard of Honor
  4. Full gear
  5. Death Before Dishonour
  6. All Out
  7. Double or Nothing

Id go:

  1. Revolution
  2. DON
  3. Full Gear
  4. All Out

(Didn’t watch Forbidden Door)

I watch the WWE PPVs monthly because I have Peacock included in my cable. Watching them live is rare between kids/family and work, but I do when I can.

AEW is the same thought process but different circumstances, I will order if I’m actually going to be home to watch, but since I have to pay for those, I typically don’t go back and watch if I don’t catch it live unless there’s a match or two getting rave reviews… which I’ll find online via nefarious means.

I think it depends on the PPV. The “B” PPV’s I agree, but if we are talking mania, rr, or ss, I think they get more views/online activity then the AEW shows.

I take back what I said about them being unprofessional- Heel troll Kenny Omega is just too awesome. Love his tweet shouting out Kenta. Plus whatever they did on Dynamite tonight should have been okayed by Tony Khan.

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Sorry Alex but that’s completely separate to my point.

Manchester United have more viewers worldwide then Manchester City, they have higher attendance week to week at their stadium but they are not better. They are just better known and it will likely take decades to change this.

It’s the same with WWE. I have 3 wrestling mates in the UK, 2 of which haven’t watched AEW as they say “isn’t that just the new TNA with washed up WWE guys?”. I’ve assured them its more than that but for them to seek out AEW, or buy a PPV when they can just dip in and out of WWE, it’s not going to happen.

WWE may be making huge profits but if the US is like the UK right now ticket prices have gone through the roof. Large events here have gone from £50-60 up to £80-£120 and thats just for the basic tickets. AEW has been around 4 years so you can’t really compare viewing figures and gate receipts. The only thing you can compare is the overall product and regardless of all your correct points on how its ‘not as good’, it’s still probably head and shoulders above WWE and we should be supporting it, should we not?

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I’m not saying WWE is better than AEW. Better has nothing to do with it.

I’m simply saying AEW isn’t as hot as it used to be. Measured against their own metrics, as in in a vacuum, the ratings are lower, their attendance is lower, and general interest just seems to be down.

Now, yes, they are going into wrestlemania season so naturally people will be more interested in what’s going on, especially with names like the rock and stone cold being thrown around.

It’s sort of undeniable I think by any way you look at it that interest in AEW is down relative to a year ago and interest in WWE is up.