Will you be watching Dynasty?

I think this could be the best PPV of the last 12 months if the bookings right but I don’t know if I’m even going to watch. I probably will but right now I do t think I have time to do so sadly

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Might not live since I work out of town the next day, and if I start it I won’t want to stop LOL but I already bought the bundle so definitely

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Grabbed the PPV three pack on Triller for this, DoN, and Forbidden Door, with a VPN, for $69 CDN.

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Not live and probably via alternative means. So much NHL and NBA playoffs that have my attention on Sunday. And the build hasn’t been that amazing IMO

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Most of the matches will be good-to-great, and there don’t appear to be many hints of screwy booking on the way. Would definitely be ordering if not for a prior commitment, and will definitely watch later.

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Pre-ordered it on Triller. I’ve had little-to-no issues from Bleacher Report, but I’ve been very comfortable with the former FITE.

Thankfully for those in the U.S, we don’t have to order it exclusively on Bleacher Report. They now made it available to order both on Triller TV and YouTube.

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That’s a Good deal!

VPN and AEW+ / Triller is the best way to consume AEW. And international prices for the PPVs are unbeatable.

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Which country VPN did you use? I only see that it’s cheaper in the UK with AEW plus

I’ve used UK and occasionally when that didn’t work, Australia as well

I play around with different regions. Usually the discount appears with most European and Asian countries.

Usually it’s $20-25CDN in those markets using the VPN.

Missed Zero Hour.

Okada / Pac was an excellent wrestling match.

This trios match has been awesome so far.

Jericho / Hook is the absolute drizzling shits.

Eh, it became a fun enough plunder match. Better than I was expecting.

This crowd has been great all night.

Danielson/Ospreay is everything you’d expect.

Danielson and Ospreay…



They made the right choice to air the footage.
Jack isn’t getting that pop without it.


Tremendous show, the pacing by the middle slid down a bit with the Jericho-Hook shite but last 3 matches served business fantastically. And the YouTube stream was miles better than Bleacher Report. Money well spent.

Tonight featured a great collection of matches, there wasn’t a single bad match on the card but I really hope AEW develops some better feuds because as good as these matches were it stuck out to me as I was watching that none of these matches really had much storyline enhancement to it. Great card, great performances but I just want more story.

Also the ladder match was just too stressful for me to say it was a net positive to my viewing experience. I’m kind of done with ladder matches pretty much. When the fans are chanting “please be careful” that has to mean something. That piledriver ladder slip was everything I’m afraid of when I see these spots and I’m glad they were able to get out of that alive.

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