WrestleMania Press Conference Predictions

I think they’ll announce Seth vs Cody and Rock vs Roman night 1. Winners face night 2 for everything.


Roman, nor Rock, will be working twice in a weekend.

Yeap Roman v Cody night 2

Sorry, I meant neither Roman or Rock, are working twice in a weekend.

I agree with @MarkP on the Rock front, zero chance he wrestles twice. You could have Roman vs Cody on night 2, but if you do that you kind give away the winner of the Roman/rock match. Not that I think rock would win anyways, but in this scenario it pretty much kills any intrigue. I almost think they are better off having rock cut a promo telling Cody to take the Roman match and then have rock vs Roman for the tribal chief at Summerslam.

Or on a SD have Roman take rock out, then have Cody somehow get the MITB and have him face Seth night 1 with the rumble shot, and him face Roman night 2 using the the MITB RVD style. Mania ends with Cody as double champ.

I mean, Rock vs Roman doesn’t have to be a championship match, right? Isn’t it big enough that it doesn’t need stipulations or titles?

What if Rock/Roman on night 1 is non-title? You can have Rock win Saturday, take the head of the table moniker - whatever that’s worth, have some group drama happen in that match that sends Roman into night 2 solo against Cody with everything but his title taken from him and Cody being the final blow that takes everything away from Roman?

You can set it up with the Rock and Cody working together, outsmarting and getting Roman - the confident, all-conquering God of WWE - to take on Cody and Rock at WrestleMania, sewing more seeds (the final seeds) of dysfunction in the bloodline in the process.

Just an idea.

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Not a bad idea at all. My only concern with it is that Roman hasn’t lost a singles match in almost 5 years (only loss in general I believe is USOs in a tag where he took the pin and to KO/Sami when Solo took pin), so if he looses to The Rock, would the loss to Cody mean as much? It may, personally I’d be fine with it, but I worry the audience may not take to it the same way.

It very well could work though. I do like that both matches would be announced in advance.

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I think that depends on how invested a WWE fan is in seeing Cody finish the story or take everything away from Roman (or whatever angle to solidify in storyline that a Cody win ends the reign of Roman and this character/chapter). I don’t know that answer, that’s for sure!

If you book Roman on both nights, how strong can you keep Roman in a non-title loss to the Rock so there’s “doubt” about the Cody match outcome? Does Cody need to work both nights and does he lose the first match? There’s a lot to be considered before making a decision.

A dominant, heel champion who’s left defeated, demoralized, and alone with nothing because of his ego and actions could help with longer term Roman face turn booking. At the same time it could fall flat.

I think they announce Roman Rock for night 2.
Cody vs Seth night 1.
Priest cashes in and takes out Cody and the story continues

They will announce Seth/Cody night 1 and Roman/Rock night 2. And also pretend like everything is fine. Which, if you watched Raw, no one cared outside of the opening segment so maybe it is.


Seth vs Cody
Rock vs Roman


Mania has become a weird event IMO. It’s not about ending stories and the average wrestling fans who watch every week.

Its a showcase, a special event. It’s all about The Rock, Floyd Mayweather, Tyson Fury, Jonny Knocksville and whoever else they can get.

If they could do Seth vs Tyson Fury I’m sure they would

That’s the future of WWE under TKO. This isn’t a shot at WWE - but this is what TKO wants WWE to be. They want celebrities and as much crossover appeal as possible.

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I don’t think it has “become” a weird event focusing on speciality attractions. It started and always has been about celebrity star power. The main event of WrestleMania 1 had Mr T. It’s never been a show about climaxing wrestling storylines.

But it is a showcase show. The extra star power and celebrity gets it a lot of attention. And then it means something to the wrestlers who can try to elevate their status by doing the absolute best they can.

Often from a strictly match quality standpoint Backlash is often the better show. It usually features WrestleMania rematches but with more time for those matches and less glitz and glamor.

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I dont think you are wrong with the celebrity part of this, but I dont think its a one or the other type of thing. I think you can do a couple celebrity matches AND have your main storylines climax.

Look at last year, the KO/Zami vs Usos match was IMO the best culmination of a feud I have seen in years. Rey vs Dom concluded, and Roman vs Cody should have if not for Vince. At the same time, you were able to fit in a Logan Paul match. I really don’t think it needs to be an either or situation.

Yeah fair enough.

I do just think though they’ll be happy to drop a climatic match for star power. Let’s say if they could have got both the Paul brothers last year…maybe they would have been tempted to throw them in the mix with USOs vs Ko&sami.

I wonder how many eyeballs the Rock will bring. If you’re not already gonna watch is the Rock going to make you watch? Especially against Roman who I’m sure most fans have seen by now.

I’m sure I’m wrong and it makes a big difference but Rock beating Seth would surely bring just as many eyes?

When’s this press conference anyway?

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According to Google:

WrestleMania XL Kickoff press event:Date: Thursday, Feb. 8. Time: 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT. Location: T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas. How to watch: Streaming live on Peacock, as well as on WWE social and digital channels

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I don’t know why people think it won’t be

Seth vs Cody
Rock vs Roman

Makes the most sense

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I think that’s what the majority have said?