Wrestler of the year so far

Wondering who people think has been the best wrestler this year so far?

It probably only comes down to either orange Cassidy or will osprey. For my money it’s orange Cassidy so far which is something I thought I would never say. He’s far less goofy and much more intense now. Just having a great year

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I see the case for Orange Cassidy as the ol’ reliable on seemingly every Dynamite. But for my tastes, he has been too much of an average thing. Same with Mox. I like him more than OC, but he’s also done too much mediocre stuff to make my list.

WWE candidates would be Rhodes, Rollins, Zayn and the Bloodline (or Reigns or Jey Uso individually). But none of them have the complete body of work to touch MJF’s 2023.

(AEW and WWE only, for the record. Only promotions I watch regularly.)

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I’d go Mike Bailey for me, my top 5 would be Bailey, Kenny Omega, Hiromu, Mox & Okada

Bryan Danielson. Quality over quantity.

His run of PPV matches has been incredible.
MJF in the iron man match.
Anarchy in the Arena.
Starks in the strap match.


I’ll always respect everyone’s opinions , but clearly the answer is MJF. Not saying his ring work was bad in the indys, but he stepped up his game, in ring super quick. And the mic work, ridiculous!!

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Yes, tons of credit to MJF. He’s done amazing work this year.

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My pick would be MJF, but a Cody is a close second as he has been money since his return. I also want to give honourable mention to Adam Cole, Jey Uso and Sami Zayn.

I like in ring, but I’m more of a story guy and nobody has told better stories then these guys this year.

In 2023 it feels like almost everyone can work. What separates him for me is his ability to get me to care and tell an engaging story.

I would go with:

Will Ospreay
Orange Cassidy
Roman Reigns (dropped off since Money in the Bank)

MJF is more of a total package in my opinion, due to his ring work and mic skills. I think Ospreay is the better in-ring wrestler than MJF.

Would love to see those two have a marquee match as I believe they could tear the house down.


MJF has been the most consistent in the ring and on the mic all year long. Ospreay would be number two

We all know Ospreay is the shit, in ring. But, the promo he cut in front Jericho, during the contract signing. Ospreay killed it.

For the future, AEW really needs to start pushing Daniel Garcia. To me, he has that it factor, where, for some reason, Ricky Starks and Sammy Guevara isn’t connecting.

I would throw Dragunov’s name in the bag as well. He’s incredible.

In the 2023 Best Matches Every Week Thread I calculated who had the highest number of noteworthy matches (to me).

So far this year here is who has the most matches:

  • Kenny Omega - 9
  • MJF - 8
  • Darby Allin - 8
  • Young Bucks - 8
  • Jon Moxley - 7
  • Roman Reigns - 6
  • FTR - 5
  • Cody Rhodes - 5
  • Kevin Owens - 5
  • Jey Uso - 5

So my conclusion is that Kenny Omega has had the most really good matches this year including a likely match of the year contender in Omega vs Osprey.

But I don’t know if I can think of more than 1 or 2 memorable promos by Omega. For week-to-week entertainment value with either a great promo or a great match each week I would name MJF as the wrestler of the year so far in AEW and Roman Reigns in WWE.

  1. Will Ospreay
  2. Kenny Omega
  3. Kazuchika Okada
  4. Bryan Danielson
  5. Hiromu Takahashi

Gunther and Syuri are up there for me as well.

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Forgot about Gunther. But MJF still gets my nod because he’s being asked to carry a promotion. Gunther is just delivering bangers left and right… great matches, but a lot of guys do that.

Anyone watch a lot of WrestleUniverse or Japanese wrestling? I gotta vote Kenoh. He’s one of the only high points of NOAH, he won titles in Dragon Gate and All Japan, and he main evented a Wrestle Kingdom against Naito and ALL TOGETHER teaming with Okada. And his matches are always killer. Even if he has flat opponents, his character of ‘always aggrieved’ can make those matches fun.


His matches against Kaito Kiyomiya on the New Years card and the N1 final against Go Shiozaki were among the best matches of the year as well. Definitely NOAH’s best performer in 2023.


YES! I love Noah and Dragongate so love seeing someone else bring it up!! Lol

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What was your favourite N-1 match? @Legacy_of_Power_A_Po @Celticy

I watched every match, good and bad lol

I actually didn’t catch it this year, opting to follow the 5 Star Grand Prix instead with my spare time. Only watched the finals, knowing that it would be an excellent match.