Begging creative to do something with Becky lynch’s character

Damn, never thought Sami would be an awesome heel. Kind of want to see him against a Tweener/leaning towards Babyface, Owens.

Could Cesaro fill in on all those commentary teams?

Scares me to death the thought of Carmella with that money in the bank briefcase not sure I’ve got the stomach for a Carmella title run.

God damn it Becky!!!

Man, I would love to see an Usos vs Young Bucks match.

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Btw, E was talking all that smack, and he’s not even in the match.

I want a uso’s - Briscoe’s match

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What are Pollock and Ting doing out here!?!?!? #HammerTime

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Woods selling like Devon Dudley again.:joy::joy:

Oh I was shaking like d-von Dudley when the bludgeon bullies came out!

Without any doubt styles vs nakamura should main event at wrestlemania that Rousey match is gunna be so sloppy in-ring

I’ve never known a faction like the riott squad where each individual is so different in every way. Sarah Logan and ruby would never hang out in the same circles in real life

Both Charlotte and Bobby Roode should be heels. They’re the rich kid in “Ski School” characters.

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Gotta love the wwe’s accessibility…watching on my laptop on my bed…while I make runs to the bathroom. Thank you stomach flu…

Damn that sucks. Get well soon, my friend.

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Ouch, had that for a week last month, it can be hell at times.

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Ruby, Charlotte would have tapped out 7 minutes ago but you’ve had her arms trapped that long!

I wish Charlotte could be the heel that get’s whooped for 90% of the match and weasels a win at the last minute. Unfortunately, she’s a beast compared to all of the other women.

The referee’s ejection from ring side spot is an art that will never die, the crowd loses there mind everytime they just can’t help themselves.

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