Your Minor League Achievements Are Irrelevant When You Get Called Up to the Majors

WWE continues to push the irrelevant streak of Auska with a new promo package on RAW informing fans that on October 7, 2015 her streak began. The promo claims 240 wins, 0 losses. Claims that she’s defeated “34 different women across 4 continents in 11 countries.”

Here’s the thing:
What she did in the minor leagues is completely irrelevant.

If a minor league baseball player has a 50 game hitting streak when he gets called up to the major leagues, if he gets a hit in each of his first six games he doesn’t tie Joe DiMaggio’s streak of 56 consecutive games.

A college football players stats don’t count in the NFL.

For goodness sakes shoving this irrelevant streak down the viewers throats is not only annoying, it’s embarrassing.

Yay she did good in developmental. Move on.

Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t MMA and boxing include the records of other companies the fighters have worked in, not just the promotion they currently work for?

Either way it doesn’t matter because Asuka’s streak could go further back if WWE were including “minor leagues” but they’re not. NXT may not have the viewership of a RAW or a SmackDown but it’s still a WWE show and thus the stat’s carry over. It’s not the same as baseball or American football because they’re set up very differently - also, it’s a fictional record that they created so they can do what they like with it.

Why they wouldn’t promote it and their other show, I can’t even begin to imagine.

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I’m just gonna say it, her streak in NXT is important because the wrestling is better on NXT.

I guess if NXT doesn’t count…Flairs only a 2 time world champion, AJ Styles only became who he was because he was given a chance 2 years ago.

Everything everyone has done before they made it on Raw or SmackDown is totally irrelevant.

None of that makes sense either. …quality of matches has no bearing on what booker/creative team wants to promote.

Completely different–
NXT = Developmental = Minor Leagues [You get called up to the main roster, same as MLB]

Other boxing leagues or NJPW or TNA or ROH are not minor leagues.

You’re confusing other leagues and minor leagues.

Minor League is a developmental league that feeds to a main roster [talent gets called up to the main roster from a developmental division owned and run by the same organization].

This fact negates all of your snarky examples.

If a minor league baseball player had a 50 game hitting streak, you’re right that it wouldn’t “count”. But I’m pretty sure the announcers would still mention it. A lot. Especially if it continued for another six months.


I still don’t understand why you think it’s irrelevant. You keep talking about ‘minor leagues’ but you’ve not rasied a single solid point about why it shouldn’t matter.

So the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders (Yankees Triple A/ developmental org) is equal to the New York Yankees? I think that Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, Masahiro Tanaka and Jacoby Ellsbury would disagree.

You obviously are not a baseball fan…

You’re right, if a guy with a 50 game hitting streak in the minors gets called up to the big leagues, Vin Scully doesn’t mention it. He just says “look at this youngster, never seen him before.”

And then when he starts his major league career on 30 game hitting streak, SportsCenter never references the fact that he had a 50 game minor-league hitting streak as well.

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Vin Scully is retired. Thanks for playing.

No shit. Your attempts to prove that I don’t know baseball because you have no rebuttal to my actual statement are ridiculous. Enjoy your sense of self satisfaction.

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Ok mister potty mouth… :wink:


Those are not “other leagues”…those are minor leagues according to this topic.

Fact is…NXT the supposed “minor league” has a higher profile than any “other league” out there.

Ummm no. Sorry.
Its billed as DEVELOPMENTAL unlike the others.

I mean, WWE don’t bill it as anything other than WWE NXT. It’s been referred to as developmental. It’s been referred to as WWE’s own “super-indie league”. What it is, is show that has a higher profile than TNA and ROH for sure so if those are “other leagues” and not “minor leagues”, then so is NXT.

It’s not an irrelevant statistic because many of the women she beat on her way to that unbeaten streak are players on the main roster today; Bayley, Dana Brooke, Nia Jax, Emma before she left. Also, @Deezy makes an entirely valid point that the bookers will promote what they want to promote, so Ric Flair is a sixteen time world champion, AJ Styles is a world travelled “sports entertainer” who’s been a champion every where he goes, Balor Club were well known as a unit outside of the WWE.

Saying that an impressive statistic or achievement is irrelevant once you graduate to the top of any respective “sport” fails to take into account that all sports promote “amateur” or “minor league” achievements. Ronda Rousey’s Judo career has been touted over and over again during her professional MMA career even though it was outside of the UFC and during her time as an amateur athlete. The NFL drafts new players using knowledge of their achievements during their college ball careers. And pro wrestling promotes most what makes their stars seem more impressive… or it should, it doesn’t always and this is one of the few times that it actually has done it right.

That all being said, I’m pretty sure you know and agree with all of this and are just looking to push people’s buttons because your dismissive responses in this thread aren’t attempting to debate or converse on the subject that you started at all.


So why is everyone who went through there are far bigger stars than they were in “other companies”? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Pretty odd how the All In event is suppose to be such a big milestone when the “developmental league” has been doing that for the past 3 years.

It’s DEVELOPMENTAL. Ask WWE, they will confirm that fact. Get over yourself