2018 G1 Contest Results Updates


Hi, everyone. Just a heads-up that I may not be able to update the points documents immediately after the matches for the July 19-22 shows. So people can see the day-to-day progress, I will post files for each day of the next four; they just may not all come out on the day of the show.


Results & scores are updated for 19-Jul-2018 (Day 4).


Results & scores are updated for 20-Jul-2018 (Day 5).

A lot of people made up a lot of ground today. Yesterday there was a 3-way tie for 1st place with 16 points. As of today, 28 people are now tied for 1st place with 19 points.


All I can hope for now is if John and Wai give out a gag prize for last place.


I have been solid in my predictions on B Block. Faith in Jay White has kept me going strong, upper middle of pack. Unfortunately, a strange voice in my head told me this would be YOSHI HASHI’s time to break out, and called an upset victory over Minoru Suzuki. oops, could feel that volley of slaps through the screen.


As of today, 28 people are now tied for 1st place with 19 points.

Seems like a lot of people are piled up at 17,18, and 19 points. As of this week, seems the distribution is very left weighted.

Have you thought of making a histogram of the contest points? I could probably write up some code to do it easily enough if you want to share your daily data.


Thanks so much for being so thorough and quick with all the data, Chris! I’m especially finding the prediction accuracy numbers intriguing; stuff like this is catnip for a baseball stat geek like myself.


I enjoy kevin kelly clearly knowing about the Post wrestling G1 contest! Awesome! Hahaha


Interesting idea. I’ll see what I can do.


You’re welcome! I enjoy diving into the stats, as well.


Results & scores are updated for 21-Jul-2018 (Day 6).

Two key matches have isolated 4 people at the #1 spot for contest points if you picked the right winner.


Hi, everyone. Tomorrow’s results (Sunday, July 22nd) will not be updated until later in the evening.


I didn’t realize that today’s show was two hours earlier than the other shows have been so I was able to update the scores before I headed out for the day. Everything is updated. Still a four-way tie for first place in the contest but some movement within the top 4!


Presenting the Amazing Flying YOSHI:

Just one of the bad calls I made for today. In the first third of the G1 I was doing pretty well, then today happened.


Hey @chris I noticed the results say Tanahashi has tie breaker with White; I think it’s reverse - White beat Tanahashi


Whoops. You’re right. I’ll fix that in the next update. Thanks for pointing it out.


Results & scores are updated for 26-Jul-2018 (Day 8).

After day 7 there was a four-way tie for 1st place with 27 points. Now there is a 5-way tie for 1st place with 30 points and only two of those five were in first on the 22nd. Still anyone’s contest!


Still anyone’s contest!

Well, not so sure about that. I was doing pretty good through day 5 but the past two days has seen my picks fall. And, as I chose the winners in each match to balance out to get to the expected goal, if I get certain guesses wrong in the early parts of the tournament, then that will impact how well I’ll do in the latter parts of the tournament.

It is interesting to see how tightly the top of the PostW Context is remaining, with so many people just one pick behind the top.


Results & scores are updated for 27-Jul-2018 (Day 9).

Congratulations to Matt Gerardi. He stands alone atop the mountain having predicted all five matches accurately. But we’re only half-way through the block matches so who knows what could happen next???


And I stand alone at the base of the mountain. I can’t even see Matt Gerardi from here.