2018 G1 Contest Results Updates

Last Updated: 11-Aug-2018, 4:00 PM ET

The entry form for the G1 contest closed on 12-Jul at midnight with 773 entrants, which is incredible! Thanks to all of you who took the time to enter. I am going to post periodic updates to this thread so that people can see the contest standings throughout the G1. I promise I will provide updates at least once per week. I can’t commit to providing them after absolutely every show as the end of July is year-end at my job but I plan to follow the G1 closely myself so you won’t go more than a week without knowing how your picks stack up. I’ve designed a PDF that will show G1 standings for the NJPW wrestlers, point standings for the contest, and some statistics showing how accurate people, as a group, predicted winners.

If you notice any mistakes in the results, please post them here and please don’t email or tweet John & Wai. They don’t have direct access to the contest data so I will be able to address any issues faster if concerns are posted in this thread. Thanks!

List of Responses
The Google form is no longer view-able so, in order that people can see their picks relatively easily, below is a link to a file that has every listener’s picks, sorted by the names you submitted (and only for those that answered “Yes” to the question about showing your name). Therein, if you search on your name, you will find a single page that has all of your predictions. I wish I could respond to each of your posts and PMs individually and provide individualized “picks” lists but it’s just not feasible.

Be advised that the “G1 Contest Entrants (2018) & Responses” file linked to below is over 750 pages! It may take a while to download.

Randobot 2000
We’re all having fun trying to get into Gedo’s mind and predict what the G1 will hold. This contest will show who comes closest but I thought I’d see how well completely random guessing does. I’ve created an entrant to the contest under the name “Randobot 2000” and for its picks I rolled a 12-sided die (how nerdy is that?) for each match and picked the first wrestler in the drop down if the number was odd and the second wrestler if the roll was even. See if you can do better than picking blind! :slight_smile:

Randobot 2000’s final score: 45 points


G1 Contest Entrants (2018) & Responses

Tournament Results and Contest Scores

Listener Predictions
Here is a summary, by day and match, of what listeners, as a group, have predicted as the winners of each of the matches.
Listener Predictions

Tie-Breakers for Contest Winners
As a reminder, if it’s the case that contest participants eligible for prizes finish with the same number of points, there are some tie breakers established. Each of you had to predict a winner of each block and a winner of the overall G1 as part of your contest entry. This didn’t necessarily have to reflect your choices for individual block matches. Each correct prediction of a block winner and overall winner earns you one “tie-breaker point.” You can earn a maximum of three tie-breaker points for accurately predicting both block winners and the overall winner. These points don’t add to your total. They’re only used to break ties.

For example…

Suppose John, Wai, and Davey all scored 60 points from their block match predictions and are in a 3-way tie for first place in the conest. In addition to their match predictions, they predicted the following for tie-breaker purposes:


  • A Block Winner: Tanahashi
  • B Block WInner: Kota Ibushi
  • G1 Finals Winner: Kota Ibushi


  • A Block Winner: Tanahashi
  • B Block Winner: Kota Ibushi
  • G1 Finals Winner: Kenny Omega


  • A Block WInner: Yoshi-Hashi
  • B Block Winner: Bad Luck Fale
  • Overall Winner: Kota Ibushi

Suppose further that the actual results were that Tanahashi won the A Block, Ibushi won the B Block, and Ibushi won the entire G1. John would score three tie-breaker points for correctly guessing all three, Wai would get two for guessing the correct block winners, and Davey would score one point for guessing the overall winner correctly. Based on these tie-breakers, John would be in first place, Wai in second place, and Davey in third place.

Secondary Tie-Breakers (Added 5-Aug-2018)
Because the top of the contest is so tight, we’re going to add a secondary tie-breaker just in case the first set of tie-breakers don’t yield a clear winner. If there is still a tie after the above tie-breakers, the secondary tie-breakers will be:

  • Most days where 5 correct predictions were made.
  • Most days where 4 correct predictions were made.
  • Most days where 3 correct predictions were made.
  • Most days where 2 correct predictions were made.
  • Most days where 1 correct prediction was made.

Amazing work Chris! Thanks for doing this!


Chris, thank you so much! This is truly the G1 special!!
Question: with only a few hours left - is there a way to edit picks before the deadline? I know when I initially saved my submission it did say I could edit but I don’t see how to get in to that now. Thanks!!!

I definitely have the “Edit after Submit” option checked but I’m not sure if you needed to be logged in to a Google account for that to work.

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Thanks so much for coming up with this cool concept.
Quick question; I didn’t get a confirmation email once I filled everything out, was curious if there was a way to verify that my submission went through?
Any help?

If you got to the page that thanks you for entering you can be confident it was submitted. The form is not set up to send email confirmations of submissions so it’s not an error that you didn’t get one.

…and you’re very welcome. :slight_smile: The idea was a joint effort and, as always, ultimately made possible by POST Wrestling!

July 12, 2018

Thanks for starting this thread.

I’m not one much into fantasy booking. For the G1 though it is fun to try and pick what will happen, though Gedo’s mind is a tricky one.

Not tried to embed a picture before, so here’s my try, with my picks:

I expect Naito to win. There’s a long writeup I did to justify my decisions, which I may put up later especially if I end up bombing, having over-thought it all.

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Thanks brother!

Just to be clear, this thread is not for making your picks. That needs to be done at:


Yup, did that. Of course, the entries are now closed. I just posted the matrix as a way to keep track of the results. The matrix can be found on the NJPW site.

Incredible job, chris, thanks!! I wonder if John and Wai will refer to results of contest occasionally, like with the Raw and Smackdown ratings, to compare expectations with what actually happened. As if they don’t do enough already…

I’m on the paranoid side and hoping my entry went through; did get ‘Thank You for entering’ screen and had then gone back and edited a few times. left ‘entry received’ page on with intention of maybe editing again, but then that changed to contest closed. eager to know if in!

Some of you have been asking if I can confirm if your responses were received. As I hope you can appreciate, I can’t respond individually to >700 people. I have updated the original post with a link to a file that shows all the names of the people who entered the contest and said it was OK to publish their names. If your name appears in that list, your responses were received.


Thanks for the kind words. If you check the main post there’s a way for you to confirm your responses were received for the contest.

OK, cool. Just wanted to make sure that was clear. Thanks for participating.

So I have Yoshi Hashi winning overall. Hope I do well.:joy::joy:

Thought I’d make the cutoff and be able to submit my brackets now but it seems like the contest is closed. I will just play vicariously through @MJfromNJ since he likes most of my posts.

Hahaha that’s awesome @MrMulligan

We got Okada and Ibushi in the final with Ibushi going over.

I really can’t tell you the rest as I don’t remember and didn’t write it down :man_facepalming: If you want to fill out a matrix and have a head to head contest I will fill one out as well.

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thank you so much! I love analyzing these data sheets.

just wish I would’ve checked the “post publicly” option.

I think I had it as Suzuki over Naito in the finals.

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Suzuki winning the G-1 would be awesome!!