CM Punk addresses Colt Cabana, AEW EVPs and Hangman Adam Page at post-All Out presser

I won’t argue you with the Bucks stuff, cause I know I won’t change your mind on them.

Hangman, from the sounds of that interview sounded like he just didn’t want to name names, and said he wants to figure things out for himself… Which is entirely fair. And, really what CM Punk was acting like 15 years ago. And I find it very hard to believe that Punk has so little self-awareness that he can’t see similarities in his attitude then, compared to others now.

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He’s a weird dude lol. I agree highly hypocritical and petty.

Something major is going to break. SRS is saying “oh boy” but needs to verify

Either Punk is hurt or something is going down with this and punishments etc

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Yup, all the majors are hinting at something big.
I’d be shocked if anybody is fired. Expecting suspensions / time off / possible injury for Punk.


I’m seeing a lot of chatter that punk will be fired.

It’s just from all of us random iwc jack asses but it’s crazy watching this unfold. I’m sure the consensus will swing back and forth 20 more times before dynamite.

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Yup. Years ago I studied something to do with personality types. Specially in regards to recruiting a sales team. Anyways, point is, if you look up the personality types and focus on the one “maverick” it describes CM Punk to a tee.

This just keeps adding more and more layers. It really sounds like the AEW locker room has turned on Punk. I know Fish’s contract expired, but I imagine his thoughts mirror the thoughts of many.

That’s assuming the locker room ever welcomed him.

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If this is the end for CM Punk what an end to his career. Mirrors Vince in a lot of ways

The worst thing is that this might make Ryback somewhat relevant…

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If the Bucks/Omega (“EVPs”) broke into Punks (“contracted talent”) locker room then this is going to get really ugly.

Strip the Bucks and Omega of their positions and suspend them. Fire or suspend Punk and Steel. Keep everyone off TV for at least a month.

Khan needs to show who is running the show. I’d also promote Jericho and Dustin Rhodes - two guys with no ties to anyone and with tons of experience.


Knowing TK he will come out and blame worlds collide for this as well.

It’s amazing to think all this started bc of Colt Cabana. A literal 40 year old jobber hardly anyone knows and even less care to watch on TV. Who also shares a bank account with his mom apparently.

I mean Colt changed the business at an independent level, whether you want to admit it or not. Between podcasting and merch selling, he influenced a ton of people. And, is incredibly well liked for it.


We don’t know who threw the first punch. As an observer we might not know all sides of the story for weeks or months. Making it hard to judge whether their punishment (if there actually is any) seem appropriate.

Yes that he did. But current 2022 Colt was not worth this drama

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Yeah, but being universally liked and generally not an asshole, goes a long way in wrestling.

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Hangman Page didn’t allegedly try to bust into Punks dressing room, that would be the Bucks. “EVPs” can’t do that shit