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Jermaine from chi.Once I got over that Kamala chose that stiff brie Larson as her favorite hero. This show is the perfect watch with my daughter. We loved the first episode. I always tell my 13 year old to experience and learn about different cultures because when you learn more you respect people more. With us all being minorities in North America representation is everything and marvel is killing it with black panther Shang chi moon knight and now this. When I grew up the only heroes on movies that look like me was shaft apollo creed and lando calrissian. It does the Pakistani race proud. Great job mcu. Really quick can you give you thoughts on the new black adam trailer? I think it will be the best rock movie since faster. Thanks

There were multiple times where I said out loud “This is so true” during Ms.Marvel and a lot of that is due to how authentic it portrays Kamala Khan’s islamic upbringing. Iman Vellani brings such an infectious energy to Kamala who’s head is firmly in the clouds daydreaming about being just like her idol, Captain Marvel and it clashes with her parents who bring her down to Earth.

The Jersey City setting gives the show a vibrant visual identity that it stands out from the pack and I’m all in.

I didn’t even notice the lack of Terrigenesis.

Side-note: The Coles High sign with all of the Ms.Marvel creative forces was a real nice tribute.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. I thought it was fun and modern. I really like the pace.
It looks a lot like Pixar’s Turning Red.
I could not find who her grand mother was, is that in the comics ?

Burak from Saint Albans, UK.

Really enjoyed this first episode.

The graphics appearing on the walls as they were describing the Captain Marvel costume were great. There was also great on screen chemistry between Kamala and Bruno, which made it a fun watch.

The louder than life sets and graphics compliment Kamala’s sense of imagination really well.

Will in Chicago

This show started off so unrealistic, I mean, Youtube comments are never that nice or coherent. (just joking. If Kamala wanted to make it to AvengerCon, she should’ve just used the book of Ashanti from Dr. Strange. I like it so far, the show reminds me of Into the Spiderverse. Question: who are Wai and WH dressing up as at Avengercon?

I think it’s an underrated aspect of the Disney+ MCU shows that there really isn’t a formula or cookie-cutter approach. Too often, big studios have the attitude of “People like this — let’s just do more of the same”.

There isn’t even a hint of that in these shows. Even though they are set in the same world, each has a distinct feel and identity. Specifically, Ms Marvel has a “coming-of-age” high-school energy. We’ve seen similar themes with Spider-Man but rarely as authentic as this, and the bright colours and use of sketchbook drawings and text messages on screen really accentuate the atmosphere and the lens through which we see the story.

Great start and looking forward to more.

Mannie from pacoima

Really great first episode, kamala’s character is really fun and enjoyable. Her constant daydreaming reminds me of when i was back in highschool, I love the comic like visuals we also get whenever she daydreams its very creative. Her parents are so funny at times they might be my favorite characters on this show. I also like the fact that we see kamala struggle with body issues and wanting to feel accepted while trying to find herself but also dealing with the vision of who her parents want her to be. I look forward to the rest of the series. Also are Wai and W.H going to be attending the next avengercon?

Magan from Ottawa, ON

The second episode shines a light on Kamala’s powers being linked to her great-grandmother. Bruno’s jealousy over Kamala’s new crush, Kamran is relatable and the little meet-cute had a neat Kingo name-drop. The Eid festival in the third act was delightful with the Clueless-style depictions of the various cliques (Illumin-aunties is brilliant!)

The Dept. of Damage Control getting inserted in addition Kamala’s desire about knowing more about her lineage is leading her into the labyrinth. My gut tells me that Kamran (and his mom) might have an agenda.

Nakia’s reason for wearing hijab effectively ties into the core themes of the show without feeling like a box to tick off.

Strong, strong outing.

I dig this show. I love how it takes a little bit of the Spider-Man homecoming style but doesn’t do it too obviously. The treatment of texts and reactions is great.

I’m not sure about the performance of the Mother, I know she’s supposed to come off as a disciplinarian and strict, someone that doesn’t relate to or support her kid’s choices, but I found the performance a bit too heavy-handed so far. There are just notes of empathy missing from the performance so far. I get it, she has to come around, but the baby face turn needs some more little milestone markers to make it a bit meaningful.

So far so good.

I’m enjoying how each series has its own tone and style, but somehow still remains in the Marvel Studios oeuvre. Very different from the Marvel/Netflix shows.

Changed my mind about the parents after this episode. Much more empathy towards their daughter.

And the fucking “Be My Baby” sequence was fucking great.

The framing on Kamala after hot boy number was fucking great too.

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Bump for this week’s episode

Magan from Ottawa, ON

Kamala’s bangle becoming the Macguffin of the story has raised the stakes as the show reaches the halfway mark.

Ms.Marvel has a deft touch in regards to the Djinn and weaving in the Islamic mythology into the Clan Destine is intriguing. That aside, the wedding scene and Bollywood-style dance was joyful (Sana Amanat makes a quick cameo, she’s such a proud mom!) and Kamala using her embiggened fist got me stoked.

The trip to Karachi (along with Red Dagger), the DODC and the Clan Destine chasing Kamala sets up an explosive second half.

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Imran from Huddersfield

Assalamualaikum Wai and W.H!

Finally got around to starting this season over the weekend, and not only has it been a joy from a comic book stand-point, but I’ve been pleasently surprised by just how into the Islamic culture the show has got.

Even if my experience as a British born, Indian - by way of South Africa - Muslim differs - there are so many recognisable and relatable intricacies that have brought me joy - from the Kamala’s mother being armed and ready to hand out containers of food to her friends, to the gossiping Aunties, to phrases and terms constantly being dropped into conversations… Just to see the Muslim experience, played out so casually in something so mainstream is so refreshing.

Anyway, specifically on epsiode - when I started the show, I figured they were doing enough just be setting the show in a Muslim community - So for them to actually go to Karachi and introduce a whole raft of new South Asian characters was a great and welcome surprise. I always believe shows benefit from a change of scenary and this was no different, providing some of the best action we’ve seen from any Marvel series so far - particularly with the chase through the Karachi streets.

For anyone who is enjoying the representation and taste of a different culture this show is presenting, can I recommend a British show called “We Are Ladyparts” - a 30 minute comedy about a group of Muslim girls in punk rock band (who have songs such as “Voldermort Under My Head Scarf” - so it’s as out-there as it is progressive) - It’s a really excellent watch.

Keep up the good work and sorry for the long feedback!

Mannie from Pacoima

First and foremost i would like to just say i enjoyed the latest editorion of Post puroresu.

Ms. Marvel is probably my favorite mcu series so far, that being said I felt this episode had a bit of a pacing issues. The conversation between kamala’s mother and grandmother felt like it was cut off quickly and when kamala came home I assumed she was going to listen in and learn a bit more about her mother who we find out was a bit of a rebel in her days and also resents her mother for filling her with fantasies. Instead we cut immediately to a her mother waiting on the table and though the conversation between her and kamala was a beautiful moment it felt like we skipped a lot. Im aslo assuming days have passed since kamala met the red daggers and trained with them as well as the clandestines trip from jersey to pakistan unless they can telephort.
That being said i enjoyed the action in the show and the visual of pakistan itself. Im excited to see what happens nect now that kamala is trapped in the past and if time travel movies have taught me anything I’m going to assume Kamala is the trail of stars who led her grandmother back to her father. I hope im right so i can take a lap and quote W.H. “Oon your left”

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I’m also going to hope the show doesn’t go into much more about Partition. I heard about it quite a bit growing up. The details and the politics of it are not suitable for a Disney product, let alone one that’s as generally innocent (compared to others) as this show.

I’m going to trust that this isn’t a case where the stars the grandmother followed were Kamala the whole time in one of those causual loop cliches. It wouldn’t get WH hate from me, but I’d be disappointed in the writers.

I would love to see if she does set things in place, like maybe even leaving the bracelet somewhere to pick up when she goes back to the future. Great Scott, another reference.

The Karachi trip takes Kamala and by extension, Ms.Marvel out of its comfort zone to find the answers she’s looking for and having three generations of Khan women having three distinct perspectives about identity fuels the drama. I felt a real sense of place with the Karachi setting. The debut of Red Dagger was awesome as Aramis Knight’s chemistry with Iman Vellani crackles on screen. He’s giving Kamran a run for his money, the DODC scene mildly stuck out like a sore thumb amidst the hustle & bustle of Karachi.

The time travel cliffhanger leaves the show in an interesting place and I bet it’ll reveal that Kamala has some Kree in her DNA.

Another strong episode.

Mannie from Pacoima

I’m a bit mixed on this episode. I enjoyed the first half and the bit of information they gave us at the was also a bit of an eye opener seeing that nobody would buy from aisha and her husband because they were Muslim.

But then when we get to the second half, I again felt things were rushed. Im also a bit confused as to how Najma was able to close the gate, and kamala’s mother finding out about her powers and just being ok with them felt a bit off. With kamran now having powers and W.H. explaining he’s a villain in the comics do you see the MCU turning him heel?

Finally thank you time travel movies for proving me right!!

Historical context (show feedback follows)

After last week, I thought it best I pipe down but since this week’s ep started with a bit of context (which I thought was done well) and since both Misters Ting and Park expressed interest in learning more I’ll give a bit more background.

First, did you notice that Pakistan was on both sides of side of India? (map below). Yes. That was its own issue.


Second, the plot in this episode alluded to lots of violence so people might want to know what the deal with that is. Partition led to the death of a couple million people around 1947. The mass migrations made lots of easy targets for murder, rape, and stealing possession. I won’t explain “Ghost trains” but it was an unfortunate mirror for other terrible things that happened on trains in WWII.

For those that didn’t leave, there were mass riots as minorities really became minorities. Muslims who stayed in India were often (further) persecuted. We saw this in this episode to a watered down degree. White people don’t have a monopoly on racism.

In real life, those who remained were often murdered by riots and/or their homes burned down. For others that stayed behind, their assets and properties were sometimes confiscated from the British and given to the new immigrants.

It’s very common for decedents of Muslims who remained in India to have more violent Partition family stories.


Episode feedback.

I said I’d have been disappointed if Kamala was the source of the stars, but since it was Aisha that orchestrated it all, I’m good with it. Toddler Sana is also effing adorable.

Aisha’s murder in the episode would have been unnoticed as there were likely many other dead bodies at that same train station at that same moment (see above). That’s sadly historically accurate.

I was very confused about everything that happened when Kamala returned. I remember hearing that earth would be destroyed if that portal opened but why’d they die when they tried to return? That kind of seemed out of nowhere and confusing. 70 years to plan and they didn’t think it through?

I’m guessing Najma used the power from the gate to give Kamran powers as a gift in her change of heart. That also felt a little rushed and out of nowhere.


Suren from Portland

[I’m writing-in mostly because WH thought there was a correlation between lack of feedback and lack of interest.]

I did not expect to love this show so much. I never read the comics and new little to nothing going in but it is such a joy to watch.

Seeing this awkward brown fan-girl and her family have me feeling representation in a way I’ve never experienced before. I’m first generation Sri Lankan-American (not Pakistani or Muslim) but I still see so much of myself and my family in Kamala and her family.

This series is so fun, light and uplifting, I can’t help but smile whenever Iman Vellani’s charm is on full display. Episode 5 was decent; the family backstory was interesting but the episode didn’t feel compelling until Kamala and crew showed up. Overall I love this show, it bums me out that more people aren’t giving it a chance. Fingers crossed they break the MCU episode 6 curse. :crossed_fingers: