POST Fantasy football?


What a meltdown by Stafford, this is hard to watch.


The entire team. This one feels like it’s a season ended early.


Especially when he’s your fantasy quarterback :rage: Nate really kicked my butt this week. A spectacular showing by Stafford was my only hope. Oh well…


Slightly off topic but I hate watching Raiders games from Oakland. Their football/baseball stadium is sooo hideous. There are high school stadiums better here in Texas.

The raiders going to Vegas for a new stadium is one of the only times I’ve supported a team moving cities.


I know it’s quite the jarring sight to see the hybrid field.


Boy, you better get ready…To bow to “The Master” (or at least “The Master of Week 1”)! :joy::100:



So happy I started Jay Ajayi. :man_facepalming:


WOW…I left about 100 points on the bench!
Next week I won’t be quite so merciful…Lol! :100:



I feel like for my week it will be summed up like this.


I feel like Brock friggen Lesner!!! I’m back Bay Bay!


Grats Gary, you got the better of me this week.


Thanks! I was wondering who’s the Golden Patriots. I just got lucky with Stafford this week. He will probably suck again next week.


Well I was expecting Brees to roll through the Browns and Bortles to have a ho hum game against NE, so I shot myself in the foot there.


Sorry Brother Nate. Your chances of winning this weekend is as synonymous as Sting’s WCW heel turn being a success in 1999.:joy::joy:


Ok i’m doing it! I’m rolling with Fitzmagik!

There’s no way the number 1 fantasy player sucks after I pluck him off the waiver wire right? :sweat_smile:


He looks like Conor Mcgregor with a larger beard.


It was a fun press conference though.


Just want to ask guys…

Is it cold in my shadow?



like the 49ers, my season went up in smoke in one day

a gimmick change is in order


I feel like my team is being quarterbacked by the Undertaker. I have too much respect to tell him to sit one out, but watching his games are getting uglier and uglier :man_facepalming: