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The stadium in question is the Melbourne Cricket Ground which has a capacity of 100,024, which could be increase as the ring would be on the playing surface and seating would be on the playing surface like with WrestleMania in the USA.

The Herald Sun (the major Melbourne Newspaper) just reported in the last hour that the date is set to be the week after the AFL Grand Final (Saturday, September 29), with it to air on Pay-Per-View. They go on to report that Visit Victoria is expected to sign the contract shortly and that an announcement on the Australian show is due at WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans on April 8.

You can read the full Sunday Herald Sun story here:
Sunday Herald Sun: WWE wrestling blockbuster set for MCG after Grand Final

Fox Sports Australia have also posted a story on the rumour, which you can read here:
MCG to host a WWE pro wrestling pay per view event in early October 2018