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On the British Wrestling Experience, it was noted that there has been no news on the Thunderbastard match in Progress this year. That match has been announced for their shows in New Orleans, no names have been put in yet.

John mentioned on the Review-a-RAW show for the 25th Anniversary of RAW 01/22/18 regarding Jericho’s minor role on the show that he skipped WrestleManias where The Rock was on, because of the diminished role he would play.
Well, at WM 28 where Rock met Cena, Jericho faced Punk, at WM 29 where Rock and Cena met again, Jericho faced Fandango. So he didn’t skip WM at all. One could argue WM 27 where Rock was the host and Jericho wasn’t around.

John said that the “You Suck” chants started going into WM X8. These chants started way before that as I remember chanting that @ the Royal Rumble in Atlanta that year. The chant actually had “WHAT” @ the end of it during that initial phase.

During the Rewind-A-Raw episode for the 25th Anniversay show, John commented on Corey Graves stating that the Dudleys needed to update their headbutt spot to be “Dilly Dally, some sort of inside joke”. Corey was referring to an annoying, albeit effective, series of Budweiser advertisements set in medieval times with the catchphrase “Dilly Dilly”.


Sorry to do this @wai0937 , but it is The British Wrestling Experience, NOT British Audio Wrestling!

Don’t be. I’m surprised I haven’t said “review” instead of “rewind” more often.


On the Wendseday January 31st edition of “Rewind - A- SmackDown”. John as talking about the fatal four way, No1 contender for the U.S Title. He mentioned why Zack Ryder is getting a shot? Losing to Mojo Rawley in the US Title tournament and was in the Royal Rumble for “a cup of coffee.”

Zack Ryder was not in the Royal Rumble. As evident in his tweet on that same night!


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On the latest Rewind-a-SmackDown John called Mark Andrews stunner the Slumdog Millionaire. It may just have been a slip of the tongue and Vic Joseph did the same thing on 205 Live as well, but the move is called the Stundog Millionaire.

Battle At The Royal Albert Hall

John talks about when Bulldog “challenged Shawn Michaels for the European Title” at One Night Only in 1997. Bulldog was the champion going in, and lost the title to Michaels there.

In the Battle At The Royal Albert Hall review the guys talk about pronouncing the names of moves and fighters correctly and John says “everyone should be binary and identified by numbers” to make it simpler. He then calls The British Bulldog and Barbarian “4562” and “9124” but these are just numerical values not binary values. Binary is only made up of ones and zeros.


John incorrectly says that PCO vs WALTER is the second match annoucement for Joey Janela’s Spring Break.

It’s actually the third; the second match was announced last week as David Starr vs Mike Quackenbush, which also has an excellent short video package to set it up;

Re. Ask-A-Wai (March 2018) > Question from Josip_Kozina

The stadium in question is the Melbourne Cricket Ground which has a capacity of 100,024, which could be increase as the ring would be on the playing surface and seating would be on the playing surface like with WrestleMania in the USA.

The Herald Sun (the major Melbourne Newspaper) just reported in the last hour that the date is set to be the week after the AFL Grand Final (Saturday, September 29), with it to air on Pay-Per-View. They go on to report that Visit Victoria is expected to sign the contract shortly and that an announcement on the Australian show is due at WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans on April 8.

You can read the full Sunday Herald Sun story here:
Sunday Herald Sun: WWE wrestling blockbuster set for MCG after Grand Final

Fox Sports Australia have also posted a story on the rumour, which you can read here:
MCG to host a WWE pro wrestling pay per view event in early October 2018


On the latest Review A Wai John stated that Donald Trump had appeared on camera at five Wrestlemanias, in fact he has appeared at six(4,5,7,20,23 & 29)

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Glad you bumped this as it’s reminded me about John using Topé Con Hilo instead of Topé Con Giro.

The correct pronnouncation is Giro; It was mistranslated to Hilo in Japan and became the de-facto standard. In Spanish, ‘Giro’ means turn. ‘Hilo’ makes no sense since hilo in Spanish means ‘thread’.

How do you pronounce “giro”?

From what I remember, the best way I can describe it is as ‘hero’, but with a sharper emphasis on the E and a roll on the R.

(I took Spanish at school, and being a young wrestling fan, did my oral exam about wrestling because of course I did. I still cringe about it to this day, talking about Rey Mysterio in front of an official examiner).