The Fact Checking Thread!!!


Why is the Universal an acceptable substitute for the World while the US/IC are distinguished?


I also think it’s weak that Universal title is a substitute but not “World Heavyweight” aka big gold belt. Ziggler should be considered a grand slam champion as he has held the US title, IC title, World Heavyweight title and World Tag Team titles but isn’t considered on b/c the big gold belt isn’t the WWE or Universal title.

Also the women’s grand slam requires winning the no longer in existence diva’s title. Now that Paige is retired from in ring, I can’t think of anyone who has won the NXT title and Diva’s title who even has a shot at getting to the grand slam.


If I had to guess, it’s because both the US and IC titles have these long lineages that they acknowledge, whereas the the Universal Title and the World Heavyweight Title (brought into existence when Bischoff handed it to Triple H) don’t have those lineages to them.

In regards to Ziggler, are we considering his tag title run when he was part of the Spirit Squad, where all five of them technically held the tag titles? Either WWE doesn’t remember that, or they don’t want us to remember that. That might be what’s preventing him from being a Grand Slammer (and feel free to correct me).


It all boils down to WWE math, so no one will ever really understand it.


The original Grand Slam worked for me because a.) it was every active men’s heavyweight title in the company and b.) the three singles titles (World, IC, Euro) were all clearly treated with different levels of prestige… you know, until Shawn decided to flex his political muscle and beat Davey Boy just to be a prick.


To preface this fact check let me say I’m terrible at math and even worse on “off the top of my head” math, so this is not meant as a dig at John or Wai. It’s all in lighthearted fun.

On the April 17 edition of Rewind-A-Raw when the guys were talking about the fact that no reason was given why wrestler X was moved from SD to Raw, John says “Wait last week Kurt said there was 1 remaining spot on Raw. Tonight he added 19 people, so you’re telling me he’ll be giving up 20 people tomorrow?”

If there was 1 spot remaining on Raw and this week 19 people moved over from SD, then RAW would be over its roster limit by 18. So for Raw to return to its normal “full” roster they would have to send over 18 people to SD, not 20 (-1 + 19 = 18).


This is a fact check no one probably cares about but as someone who’s been doing Judo for a while, I thought I should point out that on the 23/04/18 raw, the throw that Ronda does Wai calls it an Osoto Gari but it is much closer to a Harai Goshi as it uses the hip, where as a Osoto uses a swinging leg motion.


On the newest episode of Keep it 2000, Ep. 29 – “Body Positive Mike Awesome”, @PodFatherSOH unintentionally created the rock super group Creedleback (Creed & Nickleback) when he mistakenly identified Chad Kroger as the lead singer of Creed. Scott Stapp was the lead singer of Creed.

He does correctly identify Chad Kroger as the lead singer of Nickleback at the end of the episode.


What a terrifying creation!


On the 11/15/17 episode of Rewind-A-Smackdown

John in talking about Goldberg says:
that match with Lesnar at WrestleMania though, that was I mean it was 10 minutes

Already threw a flag on Braden for this so I’ll just paste what I wrote above:

Maybe Goldberg’s matches start when he hits his head on the locker?


You’re Welcome.


It’s worrying that I have a perverse desire to hear what that sounds like right?

I’d also kinda wanna hear Stapp fronting Nickleback for the same reason.


At the end of “Rewind-A-Wai #10 - WWF Survivor Series 1996” John & Wai announced the next edition would be “Rewind-A-Wai #11 - ROH - NJPW Global Wars 2014” while being unsure about it’s availability on ROH HonorClub.

For Myself (a “HonorClub VIP” level member) it is available on ROH HonorClub, here is the link:


Am I allowed to fact check myself?

On Rewind-A-Wai #11 Global Wars, Wai asked me how many impressions of John’s were in the audio file I made and I said it was 174, but it is only 170. I have had 3 versions over the years with the first being the top 44, then the top 74 and finally the top 170. So I got a little confused and gave the wrong number. FACT CHECKED!


Also on this show John or Wai credited me with the creation of the fact checking thread, which isn’t completely accurate. I am the originator of this fact checking thread but the original fact checker was Chris from Ottawa (Hacksaw Jim Powers). He created the thread back in the pro board forum days.


I’m listening to the 5/28/18 Rewind-A-Raw episode now, and I’m not sure if they correct themselves later (feel free to delete it or ridicule me if they do), but the story of a 30-year-old man evicted by his parents referenced by Sami Zayn is a real story. It really was in Syracuse, and the guy’s name is Mike Rotondo.


On the latest ASK-A-WAI podcast, John said the Magic card “Lightning Strike” was 1 mana but that spell actually costs 2 mana. He likely meant to say “Lightning Bolt” which is a similar spell but only cost 1 mana.


This isn’t that big a deal, but on the 6/18/18 Rewind-A-Raw, John mentions repeatedly that Braun Strowman powerslammed Kevin Owens at the end of their in-ring segment. He did not. Owens was able to escape.


On the June 28 Ask-A-Wai episode, Wai says he thinks that they have reviewed WrestleMania VI before and John can’t remember.
John and Wai have never reviewed WrestleMania VI for any show.


Wow. Must’ve been saving it!