The Fact Checking Thread!!!


It’s a minor one (because I’m sure Pollock has heard it enough)

On the September 4 edition of ‘Rewind-A-Raw!’ When talking about the announce Lita vs Mickie James match for WWE Evolution, Wai asks John when was the last time these two fought, to which John could not recall.

Oh John, you knew the answer, but didn’t want to relive to what WAS their last match.

Survivor Series 2006
Lita vs Mickie James for the WWE Women’s Championship
Lita’s Retirement match!

Oh course this was a play off Trish retirement match the year prior where Trish won the match and retired as WWE Women’s Champion. Lita would not only lose the title to Mickie James, but would have Cryme Tyme to come out and do a segment to which was, well, terrible (@ 13:00 mark)


Not really a correction per se, but some clarification. On the Sept. 12 Rewind-a-Smackdown, they wonder what happened to Dasha Fuentes, since it was Kayla Braxton doing backstage interviews instead. I wondered where Dasha was as well, so I did a quick Google and learned from a article that Dasha had Achilles tendon surgery at the beginning of August, and her social media has confirmed that she’s been healing up since.


26 to the present as well


On Rewind-A-Wai #19: UFC 194, John and Wai discuss the pronunciation of "R"s as "H"s in Brazilian Portuguese.

John says that the footballer Ronaldo’s name is pronounced with an “R”. It’s not clear if John is referring to the current Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo or the the original, Brazilian Ronaldo (O Fenômeno). Cristiano Ronaldo does pronounce his name with an “R” sound, but he is Portuguese, not Brazilian. Many Brazilians, however, do in fact pronounce the name of the original Ronaldo more like “Honaldo” (or “Hronaldjo” kind of, sort of).

I asked a Brazilian friend of mine about it. She said there are a few different accents across Brazil. The "R"s as "H"s is prominent in certain parts of Brazil, such as Rio de Janeiro. However where she lives, Brasília, their accent is closer to Portugal Portuguese. So it’s definitely not “just a Gracie thing”.

However, I myself do not speak Portuguese, Brazilian or otherwise. So if anybody on here does, feel free to clarify or correct anything I’ve written.


Another clarification of sorts, from today’s Rewind-A-Raw: In talking about the Yokozuna substitute at the Greatest Royal Rumble, they thought it was NXT signee Babatunde. While he was included in the match, the Yoko stand-in may have been Hiroki Sumi, a 12-year sumo vet brought in (presumably) for just this match, then eliminated by Mark Henry.


On the latest review a wai John calls Emma’s move the Emma Sandwich. Wai tried to correct him saying its called the emmamite sandwich. Both missed the reference that is it is indeed the Emmanite sandwich named after the vegemite sandwich popular in Australia and the area around it. A New Zealander friend of mine had me take a bite once. Awful for my North American sensibilities.


In the program I believe one of the announcers called it the Emma Sandwhich. We understood the reference!


It was the announcers fault but vegemite is still terrible.


On the November 5 Rewind-A-Raw, John and Wai are talking about the Ottawa Senators being filmed in an Uber dissing their team and coach. John asks how this Uber driver will ever be able to show his face in Ottawa again, but the video was recorded in Phoenix after the Sens played the Coyotes.


From the Survivor Series post-show:

  • The term is flak jacket. Wikipedia tells me it “is designed to provide protection from case fragments (“frag”) from high explosive weaponry, such as anti-aircraft artillery (“flak” is a German contraction for Fliegerabwehrkanone (“aircraft-defense gun”)), grenades, some round shot used in shotguns and land mines, and other lower-velocity projectiles. It is not designed to protect against bullets fired from small arms such as rifles or handguns. However, certain flak jackets are able to sustain certain gunshots, depending on the armor, the projectile, the angle at which the shot was fired (an oblique angle for example), and the range from which the shot was fired.”

Also Ronda was indeed wearing a Raw shirt. It was all ripped up in some kind of design, but the Raw logo was on her back.


On the December Ask-A-Wai a question about reviewing the WWE Marine movies is asked and Wai mentions reviewing some WWE studio movies before on Review-A-Wai. He lists a couple including The Chaperone (staring Triple H), but they actually haven’t done a review of this movie, at least not on Review-A-Wai.


On the POST Wresting Christmas show after listening to my song John said “Ottawa’s finest”, but unfortunately I’m not from Ottawa. I believe he confused me with Chris from Ottawa (Hacksaw Jim Powers). An honest mistake confusing two long time listeners. The sentiment was still much appreciated John.


RARSD 12/26/18
President Trump told the small child a seven year old’s belief in Santa was ‘marginal’, not ‘relative’ as stated by John.


RARSD 1/2/19:
The flashy packages showing what city they’re in has been happening sparingly for months now. I’ve mostly seen it done when they’re in LA or Las Vegas.


On the 14/1/18 Review A Raw, it was mentioned that there hasn’t been a Tag Team Elimination Chamber match.

There has been 1 at The Elimination Chamber special event (Wasn’t in February as usual) it was 5 Tag Teams and all 3 members of The New Day/

This was also the event where Kevin Owens beat John Cena (When Owens was The NXT Champion)


On the January 23rd edition of Rewind-A-SmackDown, John asks Wai which of Whitehorse, Yellowknife, and Iqaluit is the coldest. Wai guesses Whitehorse, thinking it is the furthest north.

Whitehorse is actually the furthest south of the three Canadian territorial capitals. Also, it is close enough to the Pacific to be warmed (relatively speaking) by the North Pacific Current.
Iqaluit is the furthest north and has the coldest average temperature of the three.


On the January 27th review of NXT Takeover: Phoenix, Davie misidentifies the Haka as South African. The Haka is a Maori dance typically performed before matches by the New Zealand national rugby team, not the South African team.


On the review of NXY Takeover: Phoenix Braden talked about 127 hours taking place in the Arizona desert. The movie is based on a real life incident at bluejohn canyon located in Utah. The film was also filmed in Utah.

He also talked about Ring of Honor and said something about the Riddle vs Ohno being ring of honor but Riddle was part of Evolve and other indies. He never worked roh. Chris Hero had a roh run but his last stint on the indies was primarily Evolve and smaller indies.


@faultyrob - They were both on a lot of Beyond Wrestling cards, but I don’t think they ever met up in the ring. Chris Hero vs. Kimber was pretty awesome. They each had some killer matches while with Beyond though. Definitely worth checking out.


Whether by accident or on purpose, on both Rewind-a-Raw and Rewind-a-Smackdown this week, John has left out that the Intercontinental Title Match on Elimination Chamber is actually Bobby Lashley AND Lio Rush vs. Finn Balor in a Handicap Match, where Balor can pin or submit either of them to win the title.