The POST - NBA Discussion Thread

The operative word being had. That era was unprecedented, it’s over and as MJ has shown there’s nothing to suggest something like that will happen again any time soon.

That era also produced literally one of the greatest championship wins in sports history - if somebody can’t appreciate the magnitude of that Cavs victory i don’t know how they can call themselves a sports fan. Also, the Warriors dominance is going to be looked back on with reverence. People complain now, but those complaints will be forgotten in a decade when we look back.

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People would also complain if we had a different team going to the finals every year. I guess it’s a personal preference thing.

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Raptors fans, what’s your current level of panic?

Not a Raptors fan, but living in Toronto…every loss for a Toronto sports team, means doom. Every win means a championship parade is being planned.

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Very high. People fire selling and already saying goodbye to Kawhi

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Oh, kawhi leaving has never been in question. Clipper scouts have had an apartment in Toronto all year.

At least they can easily pivot into a rebuild.

I’m not giving up hope. I need the raptors to go to the finals or my playoff pool falls apart.

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I dont know if its that clear cut. Lots of subtle signs Kawhi may sign a 1 + 1 deal. His uncle told an uber driver he was considering it

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His bags are already packed. :joy:

The one year deal is interesting. Maybe I could see it if the raptors go far in the playoffs. Idk

He’ll be 28 in June. A four year deal with LA or Brooklyn would put him back on the market at 31.

There was some chatter that the quad injury could be chronic or even degenerate. If that’s the case, the one year deal is scary for him.

I feel like NBA rumors these days aren’t actually rumors and are just inside info. So many of these rumors that we hear all year end up being true.

But I was like a bazillion percent sure that George was going to LA, so who knows…

4 overtimes sure wasn’t boring

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This Blazers team reminds me of the Isiah Celtics a few years back. Going to be a nice run but are they winning the conference?


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The Sixers remind me of late 90s Knicks

Got Embiid who may already be late stage Ewing. Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris aren’t really any different than a modern day Spreewell and cant-jump LJ.

Kawhi > everyone

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Bucks may be the favourite to win it all.

Are we sure the bucks have played any decent teams this postseason?

Boston is good. Not great.

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Who’s more dysfunctional? Boston or the Raw writing staff?

Reality is LeBron would be in his 9th straight Finals in the east

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I’m not sure Lebron would be. Raps and Bucks May beat his Cavs

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Don’t worry, Kyrie assured us all that he’s a basketball genius and it doesn’t matter that he shot like 7/22 two straight games. They’ll be fine!


Khawai is GREAT!
Giannis is special.

The rest of the Raptors are full of guys who never get it done in the playoffs.
The rest of the Bucks are full of guys who aren’t really anything special on other teams without a Giannis type.

Are Bucks this good or Celtics this bad ?