What are you watching?

It was a good start to the prequel series

Industry is better than Succession, thank me later.

Starting a HBO miniseries called We Own This City that has Jon Bernthal in it, will report back if it’s good.

Digging this thread up again to see if anyone else is watching Rings of Power? Thoughts?

Also Currently Watching:

Cobra Kai Season 5 - Just started. So far so good. I’ve seen some complaints online that the series hasn’t evolved much from the first two seasons and I don’t think it needs to. It could go on forever with the formula it has of high school martial arts drama mixed with 80’s nostalgia.

House of the Dragon - Excellent. Loving it. It’s laying the foundation for an epic series.

Rings of Power - It looks like a Billion dollars because it is. But it was worth it. It looks fantastic. I’m into the elf storylines of Galadriel and Arondir. Even though they have supposedly changed some things from the books (which I haven’t read so it doesn’t bother me).

She-Hulk - It’s fine. Just fine. The 30 minute run-times really hurt it more than the CGI. If it was trying to be an homage of lawyer show’s it should feel more like the classic 45 minute episodes. Instead they go too quick to feel like you get to know anyone. So far my least favorite Marvel show.

Star Trek: Lower Decks - Three episodes have been released and so far they have all been enjoyable. Funny and full of passion for star trek. It’s underrated in my opinion. Only SNW has been better of any of the new-treks.

Welcome to Wrexham - This is a documentary series of Ryan Reynolds and Rob Mcelheney buying the Welsh football club Wrexham. It’s a wonderful look at soccer culture in the UK at a level that’s more like Friday Night Lights in the USA. While Ryan and Rob are very funny together. It’s worth checking out.

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Dipped in to see if anyone posted about this. Just about to reach the season finale on Disney+ here in Canada.

Pawn Stars is the best reality show to watch right now for me. And you get to learn something.

Oh man it’s good. SNW and LD fills my soul. The other stuff can is less for me but I’m glad they’re trying new stuff.