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I went through and made my list of my 100 favorite matches of the year, and when you break it down by promotion, it looks like this.

NJPW - 52
NXT - 8
WWE - 6
Progress - 5
NOAH - 5
PWG - 4
ROH - 3
WWE UK* - 3
Other - 8

*WWE UK refers to only that special show and the original tournament, any matches on Takeover/NXT will be in NXT Category.

Three promotions not talked about often: Progress, NOAH, and EVOLVE received five or more, while two that are talked about a ton (ROH and PWG) received fewer than five. What can those three promotions with matches that are just as good if not better do to reach the level of a Ring of Honor?


Your takes on recent sexual abuse allegations in the worldwide wrestling community, and what steps should be taken to weed offenders out. Recent examples include the Glory Pro situation with Michael Elgin involved, and names such as James Davis and Daniel Edler in the UK.


What you see happening in 2018 in wrestling? Will New Japan grow more in America? Will Impact become stronger and get on a better network? What you see happening in the WWE this year? Who will move up from NXT this year? Who are the next wave of independent wrestlers that will make a impact in 2018?

What do you think of Ricochet, War Machine and Candice LeRae signing with WWE? What do you think their ceilings are in WWE?

will will ospreay be signed to wwe by next year? will war machine be the raw or sdlive tag team champs with in five years? How would u breakup New Day?

You are in charge of booking the dream natch of Cena vs. Tanahashi. How would you build the match and who would you have win it?

Since NXT started in 2012, do you think there have been more failures than successes of performers making the transition to the main roster?

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Which was your favourite match between Shawn Michaels & The Undertaker: Ground Zero, Badd Blood, WM 25 or WM26?

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Why do you guys think there is such a disconnect for many of the characters transitioning from NXT to the main roster, and is there an easy way to fix it? Do you think NXT going to basic cable would help this issue?

What could WCW have done differently to ensure its survival? Was it inevitable?

As an add on, why was Bret Hart so poorly mismanaged in WCW?

What do you think is going to happen with Okada this year in NJPW? Many of us thought that it’s Naito’s time to win the belt at WK12, but it seems like Okada is supposed to be THE star of this era and that’s why they extended his already record-breaking title run. When will he lose the title and who will win it (obvious answer would be Omega or Naito, but are there any other candidates)? Can you see him headline WK13 as a champion and lose it there?

Considering Shibata will never wrestle again, do you believe his final match against Okada was the greatest “last match” any wrestler had in the history of pro-wrestling?

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When do you think Adam Cole and The Undisputed Era should be called up? Or Aleister Black?

Should NXT move to two hours to make room for the influx of talent?

With the introduction of WWE programming on Facebook this past week and with reported views of over 1.5 million in the U.S alone (as of 17/01/18) do you believe that WWE could eventually move one of their big two shows over to something like Facebook?
Do you think that shows like 205 Live would benefit more from being shown on this sort of platform rather than the network?
If so. What does the future hold for the network? Would it essentially become a place to view the PPVs from and get your nostalgia fix? (if it isn’t only this already)

How many more Wrestlemania matches will the Undertaker have ?

Will he keep going until he literally cannot perform anymore ?

He doesn’t seem like the guy to needlessly prolong his career.

Brock is an expensive guy to have on the roster, works limited dates and is Wellness exempt. The ratings don’t improve when he’s advertised and Network buys remain static. Should WWE re-sign him after Mania?

Why did and still does Vince Russo get people to employee him and listen to him after all these years. What did he do so right in wrestling, that makes people who employed him i.e- TNA or arolucha turn a blind eye to his failings.

Since WWE/NXT has assembled quite the roster, who of the ones not signed to NXT would you like to see them signed who are not signed to Impact ROH or NJPW?

What do you think WWE should do to improve the Cruiserweight division? How can they get people interested again in this division? Or should they abandon the division altogether and use some of the talent in the main roster?

Will Dan Lovranski and Jason Agnew be joining you guys for select WWE PPV reviews?